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Fauci Joins "Anti-Vaxxers" in Vax Concerns

I was right all along/You come tagging along. -The Hives Remember a few months ago when those of us with concerns about the safety and efficacy of COVID shots were called anti-vaxxers? Now that COVID has spread through the vaccinated, CNN quotes Fauci saying,  “We have very good vaccines, but we’ve got to get better platforms and immunogens, maybe with adjuvants that allow us to have a greater durability of protection,” Fauci said. Adjuvants are extra ingredients in vaccines that help them work better. Just "very good"? CNN says they're "astonishingly good": In clinical trials, the new mRNA vaccines have proven to be astonishingly good at protecting people against illness, hospitalizations and deaths, at least in the short term. Fauci said mRNA vaccines have other advantages, too. It’s relatively fast and easy to redesign them to better protect against new variants, for example. Sure, if by "astonishingly good" you mean a 1% absolute risk reduction of

Attorney General Calls out CDC for Spreading COVID Misinformation

The Office of the US Surgeon General called for information on the prevalence of misinformation about COVID--and Indiana's attorney general told them to look in the mirror. AG Todd Rokita, along with Drs. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University and Kulldorff (formerly of Harvard), spelled out the misinformation that the CDC and other government organizations spread that "has led to great harm in the lives and livelihoods of Americans" and "shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair." The memo notes--with citations--the government's failure to accurately count, their natural immunity denial, their false claims that the shots prevented spread, their worse-than-useless mask mandates, school closures, tracing and lockdowns, and their zero-COVID fantasy.  Have you noticed that you never hear "follow the science" anymore? It's because science doesn't support the aggressive busybodies who shouted &quo

The Easiest Person to Fool

This week, I uncovered layers of nonsense interspersed with some good information.  The Crappy Childhood Fairy on YouTube mentioned a book where she'd learned about tapping pressure points. I've used acupressure in the past and found some relief for a few different problems, so I looked up the book: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk. It was a New York Times #1 best seller and has over 46,000 reviews on Amazon.  Yet as I read it, various things leapt out as improbable: a child who didn't recognize himself in the mirror; psychological trauma in childhood resulting in a lack of neurological development in the brain; and finally the story of a man who suddenly "remembered" being molested by a priest. Can that be right? Photo from Pexels . In humans' 2 million year history, children must have gone through much more trauma than kids of the late 20th century, let alone the current crop. How could they have functioned as adults lacking neurological dev

Fermenting with L. Gasseri; Supplies; Order

L. Gasseri BNR17 Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17 is one of the bacteria we use over at Dr. Davis's Inner Circle. It's part of the SIBO yogurt because it creates seven bacteriocins (bacteria killers); it's also been shown to reduce waist size. So instead of making more yogurt with it, I fermented it with apples, carrots and spices (recipe here ). It's delicious, and it got rid of a lot of gas and bloating. My belly feels a little smaller too--always a good thing. I fermented it in my redneck yogurt maker with the heating pad set on high for three days. The bacteria digest the carbohydrate (greatly reducing the carb count) and it gives the apples and carrots a tart taste.  You can get L. gasseri BNR17 from Dr. Mercola's web site--it's in a product called BioThin . Once you ferment something with it, you can use the fermented food as a starter for the next batch; you don't have to keep buying supplements.  * * * * * Supplies Food choices are getting worse. I had t

Plants Arrive Early; Path Puzzle Solved!

It was a perfect weekend for gardening. I pulled weeds, pruned the roses and cut down five-foot clumps of ornamental grass. The dead grass made such a tall pile that I wondered what to do with it. The trash bin was full. You can't compost it since it doesn't break down-- That's exactly what the paths between the raised beds needed. I put a thick layer of the grass and some dead perennial stems on the paths where they'll last a long time and help block weeds. I'll still put down cardboard and mulch to make it look better, but this helped solve two problems at once. Mail-order plants are already arriving, leafy and green. It's much too early to plant them here at the northern edge of Zone 6, where it's a month away from the last average frost. Maybe the nursery doesn't have enough employees to take care of the plants, so they're sending them out. In any case, the seedlings and geraniums growing in the basement have a couple of hydrangeas to keep them c

New Food Reviews; Optimizing Projects

I love novelty. Despite getting in trouble for trying new foods (I ended up in an ambulance once), I enjoy new foods enough to keep trying them.  With the flu going around the office, I thought I'd try fermenting L. casei shirota in pawpaw fruit puree. Pawpaw is a mango-like fruit native to eastern North America. It's very sweet, but fermentation reduces sugar. I cooked the raw puree before fermenting it, then had a few bites with some pork. A few hours later, I was vomiting. It's been days and I'm still not feeling right.  Despite the web full of articles on the amazing properties of pawpaw fruit, it contains neurotoxins . Even members of the Lewis and Clark expedition might have gotten sick on it .  Fortunately, I have fermented pear juice. I put a few capsules of Floristat in the bottle and left it on the counter for a few days. It tastes good and makes my stomach feel a little better.  Finally, Mark Sisson has come out with a healthy queso dip in his Primal Kitchen

Better without Guar Gum & Erythritol

Since ditching the guar gum and erythritol, I feel like I'm 41 again. It was the age I started doing low-carb and had the energy I should have had in my 20s. The problems I had until recently--the pounding heart and breathlessness--are gone.  With this newfound energy, I dug up a boxwood bush and a juniper and potted them for a focal point among my raised beds, having dismantled the fire pit and put the stones along a border by the garage. Tonight I moved some of the beds a few inches to make room for pavers. The spaces between the beds have a thick mat of weeds, thick enough to make weeding a major undertaking, but not thick enough to stop erosion. Back in Denver in a dry, shady part of my yard, it took me years to win the battle of the goatheads in the driveway reclamation area. I'm not going to win such a battle in lush, green Indiana where my weeds are inches from rich soil of raised beds.  "Use gravel for paths!" people say. "Use wood mulch!" "Use

Quest Bars, Coconut Milk Hazards, and More

I used to love Quest bars. They were an easy snack or even a light meal replacement with low carbs and no junky ingredients. Those ingredients have changed, though. They now contain erythritol (sugar alcohol) and corn fiber. Since I'm one of those people who can't eat erythritol without getting stomach cramps, I won't be eating any more Quest bars.  Likewise, certain brands of coconut milk. Several brands contain guar gum, a thickener, which also gives me a stomach ache. Emulsifiers like guar gum can thin the mucus in your gut, allowing things into your bloodstream that don't belong there. I was feeling bloated and getting facial edema after having coconut milk with guar gum. Since changing to a brand without it (Native Forest), the problems have disappeared.  Oddly, Splenda (sucralose) doesn't seem to bother me.  * * * * * A friend who gave me a little bit of a hard time about being unvaccinated just got COVID. Fortunately, he's doing OK. Three years ago, I tho

Pandemic Hair GONE! Wide Canvas Tennis Shoes are Back!

Tonight I got rid of my pandemic hair.  I'd only had three haircuts in two years. I'd been going to a Korean salon where they did a great job, but the stylist didn't speak English. Sometimes the owner spoke to me in Korean until she realized I had no idea what she was saying, then repeated herself so I could understand her. After a few months of social distancing, working from home and a month-and-a-half-long quarantine, I wanted a stylist I could make human contact with. I went to another salon and got a good haircut. When I went back months later, a 90-year-old German emigre cut my hair while we had a good chat. I called the salon months later, but they'd gone out of business.  A year after my second pandemic haircut, around Thanksgiving last year, I went to a Mexican salon down the street. We yukked it up while the stylist cut my hair in a chunky and asymmetrical style that I did my best to fix when I got home.  This month, my hair was so long it didn't fit in my

Data Breach by Hackers: What You Can Do

Indiana's attorney general sent me this email today: Your information has been identified as a part of the [GiveSendGo Freedom Convoy 2022] breach. The information breached included donors’ names, zip codes, emails, donation amounts, and donation messages. It became publicly available as a result of the hack, even if the donation was given anonymously. The investigation into this breach is ongoing. If this data is used to dox, harass, or otherwise harm you, it may be considered identity deception under Indiana criminal law. If your information is used in an unauthorized manner, please click here  to file a complaint with my office. Below are some steps you may wish to take to make sure your identity stays secure: If applicable, change your password for the GiveSendGo website and any other websites where you may use the same or similar passwords. Contact your credit card company for the credit card used in your donation to either receive notifications of payments being made or t

Pwned, Ivermectin, Electrolytes, Lawnmowers and Stir-Fry

Have You Been Pwned? If you donated to the Canadian truckers via GiveSendGo, your personal information might have been compromised by hackers who attacked the site. No bank information was apparently compromised, but names, emails and locations were hacked and in some cases publicized. To find out if you were a victim, go to . If you were pwned, make a complaint to your state's attorney general. To be safe, protect your accounts. One way is to put a freeze on your credit so that nobody can take out a loan in your name (IIRC, this is a free service with the credit reporting agencies). You can also use a fee-based service like LifeLock, which monitors your credit and accounts opened in your name. Ivermectin Study from Malaysia This randomized, controlled study didn't find that ivermectin had any effect in older people with comorbidities who had COVID. In fact, the ivermectin arm did a little worse than the placebo group as far as severe illness (the pr

Winning and a New Blogger

The convoys have continued and caught on. In the middle of winter in Canada, droves are driving to be in conga lines, carry jerry cans, bounce in bouncy castles, and blockade the border. If many more crossings are blocked, the US-Canada border will be closed. As an American, I feel slightly rejected.  But the protestors are winning. Alberta and Saskatchewan have dropped, or will drop, their mandates and Quebec dropped its plans for a unvaxxed tax. Crowds carrying jerry cans (fuel cans) showed up in Ottawa after police threatened to arrest anyone bringing fuel. GiveSendGo, the protestors' crowd funding platform, thumbed their nose at a Canadian court order to block payments to the protestors. More convoys are happening around the world and there is supposed to be one scheduled for Washington, DC. I won't be going. I support the convoys, but it's not my fight: life is normal here at Cafe Americain and it's hopping at work. Dropping everything to go to Detroit to sit in

The COVID Cult is Real; My Idea for a Movie

The young woman in this video shows several signs of being in a cult : submission, persecution complex, isolation with her group, cognitive dissonance, and appearance standards. How many like her will need to be deprogrammed after the two-year fear campaign and demonization of much of the population? I've watched a few hours of live streams from the Ottawa protest and kept up with events there. So far, the only violence I've heard of is a hit-and-run of four pedestrians. The suspect that Winnepeg police charged is a member of Antifa .  I wrote the other day that masks would soon look ridiculous and apparently they already do in downtown Ottawa. I don't want anyone to be harassed for their sartorial choices (though the photo in the video doesn't quite convey that to me). I'd rather see a comedy made about the Canada convoy when it's over. It has all the ingredients of a funny movie: pompous authoritarians: check. Snooty busybodies: check. Wily, fun-loving underd

Monoclonal Antibodies are Back

 At last, the state of Indiana put out a useful tweet: People with weakened immune systems are at greater risk if diagnosed with #COVID19 , but there are treatments that can help prevent serious illness. Learn more at The link goes to the state's page on COVID treatment, which includes the monoclonal antibody Sotrovimab . It's available, has emergency use authorization and effective against Omicron.  The clinical trial participants were at high risk of COVID progression due to age, obesity, diabetes and other risk factors. This was a phase 3, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. From the  study : In this prespecified interim analysis, which included an intention-to-treat population of 583 patients (291 in the sotrovimab group and 292 in the placebo group), 3 patients (1%) in the sotrovimab group, as compared with 21 patients (7%) in the placebo group, had disease progression leading to hospitalization or death ( relati

COVID Junk Science Crumbling; GoFundMe FAIL

Government officials are starting to treat COVID-related junk science like a mask they've sneezed in: quietly dropping it, trying not to be noticed. Here's the White House press secretary saying the Biden administration never supported lockdowns. (They just wanted you fired for not taking an experimental injection.)  🚨 #BREAKING : | Press Secretary Psaki responds to Johns Hopkins Study that says lockdowns had little to no effect on curving Covid mortality. “We are not pushing lockdowns, we’ve not been pro-lockdown — most of the lockdowns actually happened under the previous President.” — El American (@ElAmerican_) February 4, 2022 Here's the State of Indiana obliquely saying that vaccination doesn't prevent spread . Note that the top of the isolation and quarantine flow chart says "regardless of vaccination status."    Confused about how long to isolate?⌛ Get an exact timeline of your isolation with our Isolation and Quarantine

COVID Mandates Crumbling; I've Found Justin Trudeau!

"This is the Ottawa I'm seeing." - Dr. Julie Ponesse Denmark, England, Sweden, and Norway have dropped their COVID restrictions or soon will.  OSHA dropped its vaccine mandate  on employees of companies with 100 or more employees after coming in second at the Supreme Court, and Indiana with 15 other states is  suing the federal government  over the remaining vaccine mandate for Medicaid/Medicare workers. Iowa  is ditching their mandates on February 15.  As their governor puts it , “We cannot continue to suspend duly enacted laws and treat COVID-19 as a public health emergency indefinitely. After two years, it’s no longer feasible or necessary. The flu and other infectious illnesses are part of our everyday lives, and coronavirus can be managed similarly,” stated Gov. Reynolds. “State agencies will now manage COVID-19 as part of normal daily business, and reallocate resources that have been solely dedicated to the response effort to serve other important needs for Iowans.”

Gridlock at Ottawa, Alberta Border

A lot of Americans buy medications from Canada since it can be cheaper out-of-pocket than buying it with health insurance in the US. You might re-order early if you're one of them. I don't know whether the protest will affect delivery, but it can only make it worse. And the protestors are not going away. The US-Canada border crossing at Coutts, Alberta / Sweet Grass, Montana is gridlocked with hundred of trucks in an anti-mandate protest, bottlenecking the road to one lane. Back east, hundreds of trucks are still parked and honking in Ottawa as shown above.  Truckers in the Canada convoys say they're staying put until all the country's COVID mandates are lifted. They have over $8 million in funds, their own lawyers, and in many cases, beds and mini-fridges in their trucks. Locals are bringing them food and tow truck drivers are refusing police requests to tow the trucks. Convoy leaders say they have the resources to settle in for four years .  Meanwhile, Canada's pr

Refill Rx Now from Canadian Pharmacies; Monoclonal Antibodies Cancelled

If you're an American who orders medications from Canadian pharmacies--or a Canadian who orders medications from Canadian pharmacies--this would be a good time to refill your prescription. Thousands of truckers are protesting vaccine mandates across Canada, their Prime Minister is in hiding, and the convoy organizers say they aren't leaving Ottawa until the mandates are lifted. They have $8 million for sustenance in a GoFundMe account, which GoFundMe has begun to release . While I support their cause, this can only make supply chain problems worse. Some police departments on Twitter reported counting only about a hundred trucks in the convoy, but this looks like a much larger protest. Keep in mind it was nine degrees Fahrenheit in Ottawa--that's minus 13 Celsius--and Canadians are even less given to protesting than Americans. Meantime, the FDA has pulled authorization for monoclonal antibody treatments saying they don't work against, Omicron . However, delta is still i

Freedom Convoy Arrives in Ottawa, Canada

A huge convoy of truckers that started on the west coast of Canada has begun arriving in Ottawa, the country's capitol. They are protesting vaccine mandates and they're not alone. Other convoys headed for Ottawa started around Canada and the United States--even farmers driving tractors have joined them. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called them a small fringe group, but according to the video below, the head of the convoy crossed into Ontario as the tail was crossing the border into Manitoba. That's close to 500 miles (800 kilometers) long.  Various news sources I've read say the vast majority of the truckers are vaccinated. The point isn't the vaccines, it's the mandates. As Canadian vlogger Viva Frei puts it, Canada and particular his home province of Quebec is being run by idiots. (As are parts of the US.) The idiots running Quebec forbade unvaccinated people to use big box stores, but allowed them to go to pharmacies...not realizing that Wal-Mart (a big bo

87% of COVID Cases are Among Vaxxed in Indiana

Something here doesn't add up. Pandemic of the Vaccinated The latest breakthrough numbers for Indiana are in and they don't look good for the vaccines: 87% of last week's cases are among the vaccinated as are 44% of deaths. And yet they account for only 2% of hospitalizations. Either the injections make you both more likely to get infected and yet far less likely to get very sick but they don't prevent you from dying...or something here doesn't add up.  Could the vaccinated be getting Omicron while the unvaccinated are getting much sicker with delta? Omicron accounted for 98% of cases as of January 10 in Indiana according to the state's coronavirus website. So there were (by my calculations) 1,600 cases of delta and 3,526 hospitalizations last week. Even if every man, woman and child with delta went to the hospital, over half the patients there had Omicron.  Hospitals Overrun with Unvaccinated? How do Indiana's hospitalization numbers compare to Denmark'