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Whistleblowers, Watchdogs and Insurers Sound Alarm on COVID Vax

A few weeks ago, Senator Ron Johnson held a roundtable on COVID vaccines . In the first part of the roundtable, a variety of specialists pointed out the explosion in deaths and injuries following the COVID vaccine rollout. (Email subscribers: click on the link above to see the video on Rumble.) Highlights from the video Open VAERS spotlights explosion in adverse events 9:46: Liz Willner, web developer and founder of Open VAERS , a site with a compilation of data from the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Willner is the mother of a vaccine injured child.  From Open VAERS. Click to enlarge. The VAERS database is difficult to get through even for me (I'm better than most at such things); I was horrified at the deaths and permanent disabilities it showed in June 2021 .  VSAFE Data shows 8% required medical care 12:10: Aaron Siri, lead counsel, ICAN legal team, on the VSAFE system . VSAFE has 10 million volunteers who signed up to report any reactions to the COVID v

Tight Pants, Colds, and Dairy-Free Fermentation

Pants Don't Fit? It Might be the Pants If the clothes-o-meter says you're gaining weight, it might be the clothes that are off. Half the ladies' blouses I recently bought are medium sized (I normally take a small) and the jeans I just bought are smaller than the ones from before, even though they're they same brand, cut and size.  They're smaller in the thighs, too. I thought I'd had too much prebiotic fiber. This doesn't seem to be a one-off. One reviewer who bought the same jeans said she bought them a size up to wear over tights, but couldn't get them on even without tights. Over at Talbots--which normally carries high quality clothes--several reviewers complained about undersized jeans.  Click to enlarge (the screenshot--alas, it doesn't work on jeans) Of course, if your jeans used to fit--well, jeans don't shrink from sitting in a drawer.  Another Cold Averted? Regular readers know I'm prone to respiratory illnesses. But my last cold onl

Court Strikes Down Vax Requirement for Federal Contractors

Yes--it's almost 2023, people have stopped pretending the shots stop transmission, COVID is basically a cold now, the list of acknowledged side effects is growing and yet we're still fighting COVID shot mandates. The states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Indiana filed suit against President Biden regarding his executive order for federal contractors to get a COVID shot. An email today from Indiana's attorney general says, Attorney General Todd Rokita has prevailed in yet another legal fight against President Joe Biden’s executive overreach in the form of draconian COVID vaccine mandates. This time, in a lawsuit filed by Indiana and two other plaintiff states, a U.S. appeals court has struck down a rule requiring vaccination for anyone working for federal contractors. “Hoosiers and all Americans should have the liberty to make their own decisions on whether to get vaccinated,” Attorney General Rokita said. “That includes individuals who happen to work as federal contractors.

It's not that Complicated!

Two Steps to Improved Health Lately I see people overcomplicating their health: they ask (other people) about enemas, their HPA axis, vagus nerve, stool tests, arcane lab tests, data on calcium score reduction, what time to have their supplements, where to get exotic microbes they read about on Google Scholar, and so on. The problem with this is that 1) it's off the map and probably nobody knows the answer and 2) in most cases, they're neglecting some basic steps known to work.  Most low-carb diets have two steps: 1) stop eating poison; 2) supplement what's missing. Dr. Davis's program has the additional step of getting rid of SIBO, but for that, he mostly recommends SIBO yogurt (homemade yogurt with 2-3 strains of bacteria missing in most people).  With step 1 in mind, I whacked back the nuts, cheese and occasional junk food cheats freely available at work. And with step 2 in mind, I've continued taking more iodine and I've been eating more protein to build mus

A New Motivation to Stay Fit

Have you shopped for women's clothes lately? Everything either fits like a trash bag with arm holes or looks like what a stripper would wear. Over the past week, I've sent back half a dozen blouses that were low cut, fit like a sausage casing, or were see-through. Even though they were from an upscale store, they looked trashier than any top I've seen on hookers in Indianapolis. I finally found some nice blouses by Liz Claiborne at JC Penney, of all places, and some nice t-shirts I can wear under sweaters or blazers at Land's End. (The U-neck jersey t-shirts are $8 there if you want to stock up.) Another one came from Amazon--it's a brand that's also at Target.  Now that I finally have some nice tops, after weeks of searching, I don't want to outgrow them. I don't want to look flabby in them, either, since some of them are form fitting. To that end, I'm continuing working out a few times a week keeping nuts and dairy to condiment levels.  My new favo

Sustained Energy with More Iodine; Nuts and Cheese FAIL

Some weeks ago, I boosted my iodine dose to 1,000 micrograms a day (over Dr. Davis's program recommendation), and for the first time in several years, I've sustained a workout program. I'm back to lifting weights a few times a week and found a dance exercise channel on YouTube I like. I even overdid my workout one day--I had a pounding heart that night and felt jittery--but you don't know your limits unless you push yourself.  As most readers know, iodine is needed for thyroid function; without enough of it, you can suffer from fatigue, cold, depression, mental fog and weight gain. Meals will be looking a lot more like this. Photo from Unsplash . Despite the extra iodine, I gained some weight. Last week when my pants were uncomfortably tight, I had acid reflux, and my face looked like the moon, I stopped ignoring the fact that nuts and cheese put weight on me. I'd been eating biscuits and gravy and an apple-cranberry tart. These were made using compliant recipes...b

Dr. Mike Eades is Back with a New Blog

Mike Eades, who wrote a book on low-carb diets with his wife back when hamburgers were called a heart attack on a bun, is back with a new blog called The Arrow. Eades is a study wonk, a former clinician, a voracious reader, and his blog Protein Power was what I'd have picked if I could have only read one blog besides my own.  His latest post covers a cherry extract pain reliever, an AI image generator, the adherer effect, and more. Check it out !

Use Green Tomatoes to Make Salsa

If you still have green tomatoes on the vine, you can make green salsa with them. It's tangier, the chunks are firmer than regular salsa, and it's unlike anything you can buy at the store. Recipe here .  Green tomato salsa.

More COVID Clawbacks and Backpedaling

Apologize, Reinstate, Compensate From the Epoch Times, UK Member of Parliament Danny Kruger said a few weeks ago , “ I put on record that in hindsight I am particularly ashamed of my vote to dismiss care workers who did not want to receive the vaccine. I very much hope that the 40,000 care workers who lost their jobs can be reinstated, and indeed compensated.” The Epoch Times says, "COVID-19 vaccinations were made compulsory for all staff working in care homes [nursing homes] in England from November 11, 2021." From the same article, Alan Miller of Together Declaration observes, "With over 40,000 lost and 165,000 shortfall, with 13,000 beds not being released in the NHS and 500,000 awaiting care they need to be, as our Together Care Workers campaign insists: apologised to; reinstated; and compensated." Yet "some care homes are still insisting on no jab no job policies." It's now widely accepted that COVID vaccines do not stop spread; the fact has bee

Knives are out for Forced Vax Fanatics

"If you can't get the right answer, you're no use to anyone," said my thermodynamics professor. I would add that if you don't know what you're talking about, you have no business lecturing anyone.  Such common sense is lost on Professor Emily Oster, who wrote this tone-deaf tweet: That may be the mother of all ratios. July 2021: Professor Oster advocated for coerced vaccinations:  Oster, whose Twitter bio says she's an "unapologetically data-driven" economist at Brown University, may have been in the dark about COVID in July 2021, but I--with an undergrad degree from a state university and no formal training in statistics--was writing about the vaccines' lack of efficacy , the fact they didn't stop spread , and vaccine injuries among study participants . As far back as April 2020, I wrote that it was clear that the risk of healthy kids getting a bad case of COVID seemed to be blown out of proportion . If I could figure these things out,

Twitter, Minerals, and a New Sweetener

Twitter under New Ownership "Let the good times roll!" -Elon Musk, October 28 Twitter was one of the best sources of information for me during the pandemic. I found journalist Alex Berenson and others there whose information, even with Twitter's censorship, helped guide me through with accurate information. Now some are in a tizzy because Elon Musk bought Twitter and promised to restore free speech to the platform. Twitter's new Head of Safety and Integrity tweeted, "Over the last 48 hours, we’ve seen a small number of accounts post a ton of Tweets that include slurs and other derogatory terms. To give you a sense of scale: More than 50,000 Tweets repeatedly using a particular slur came from just 300 accounts"  (emphasis added). But if it's like "the gates of hell opened," I just haven't seen it in my feed--but then, I don't look for fights and I don't troll, scold or dox people. There's still the option to block people or simpl

Clawbacks have Started

Victories are happening in some unlikely places. The City of New York played stupid games denying natural immunity, pretending that COVID vaccines stopped spread, and coercing people to get an experimental vaccination--unless they were an athlete or performing artist. Today, the City won its stupid prize : Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio called the rule "arbitrary and capricious" and a violation of the state's separation of powers doctrine. He ordered 16 fired City employees to be immediately reinstated with back pay. All 16 of the employees had documented natural immunity to COVID. New York City, having fired over 1,750 employees for not being vaccinated, looks like it's in a lot of trouble.  [T]he ex-employees’ lawyer, Chad LaVeglia, said that “every city employee who has been terminated because of the mandate could bring civil actions against the city.” “Litigation involving the other city employees would cost the city at least hundreds of million

My New Favorite Cold Medicine

Regular readers might remember my bouts with respiratory illnesses: bronchitis that hung on for months, colds that wouldn't go away, sinus infections so frequent that I had sinoplasty many years ago (it didn't stop my sinus infections), and even a week in the hospital with a sinus infection when I was a kid. The sickest I ever felt was when I had the flu at age 17. As someone (maybe Dr. Eades) recently described, I remember where I was and what I was doing when it came on.  Last week when I felt a cold coming on, I figured I'd be sick for several days. I was tired and starting to get congestion and a sore throat. But it went away 12 hours later and didn't come back.  Photo from Unsplash . Maybe it was short COVID. Kidding aside, the only difference is that I've been taking Ideal Immunity , a probiotic made by Biotiquest. (I'm not an affiliate.) Some of the members at Dr. Davis's Inner Circle have been getting incredible results with Sugar Shift lowering thei

Which States are Ignoring the CDC's Clot Shots for Tots?

 As I suspected, Indiana will not be making kids get COVID vaccinations:  The CDC should omit COVID-19 vaccines from recommended child immunizations. With minuscule risk of serious illness in kids — & vaccines’ ineffectiveness controlling spread — listing them is just payout to Big Pharma. Read the multistate letter: — Todd Rokita (@AGToddRokita) October 21, 2022 The letter is signed the the attorneys general of Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Montana, Arizona, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana and Texas.  Governors of Virginia, South Dakota, Tennessee, Connecticut, Wyoming, Idaho, Missouri, Iowa, Georgia Texas, and most notably Florida issued statements that their states won't require COVID vaccination for kids. The Ohio Department of Health says it won't require them ; the requirement is illegal in Arizona  and  Mississippi . Gubernatorial candidates (people running for governor) of Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wiscon

An Objective Book about Other Childhood Vaccines

Today's decision by the CDC to add COVID shots to the schedule of childhood vaccines has some people concerned about the rest of the vaccines on the schedule. Contrary to fact-checker claims, adding COVID shots to the schedule means children will be required in about a dozen states to get a COVID shot to attend public school. Indiana isn't one of them--our childhood vaccination law doesn't mention the CDC and such a requirement could run afoul of our ban on COVID vaccine passports. But even freewheeling Indiana has some vaccine requirements and this kerfuffle has people wondering how safe those vaccines are.  There's a book called Vaccines: Truth, Lies and Controversy  by Peter C. Gotzsche, DrMedSci and co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, about the safety and efficacy of all those vaccines, including COVID and others. Cochrane was founded to "to organise medical research findings to facilitate evidence-based choices about health interventions involving healt

How I Make Perfect L. Reuteri Yogurt

Over at Dr. Davis's Inner Circle, members make a lot of yogurt...and report a lot of problems in the effort. Mine turns out perfectly almost every time, so I've created a video. We make special yogurt out of L. reuteri bacteria and ferment it for a long time because the bacteria helps with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), smoother skin, reduced bone loss, increased strength, and other benefits. I had to stop taking thyroid medicine after I started eating the yogurt, but that seems to be uncommon.  You don't need a fancy yogurt maker--in fact, reported problems are in proportion to the cost of the contraptions. Nobody has yet reported a problem making a batch of yogurt in a camper cooler, as far as I'm aware. 

Spread was Never Tested: You Read it Here First

Mainstream media is finally catching up with news from over a year ago: COVID vaccines were never tested to see if they prevented spread. As I wrote i n July 2021, Pfizer's vaccine trial, and presumably the vaccine, are not intended to address the spread of COVID.   The trial is to   ...evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity [provoke an immune response] of 3 different SARS-CoV-2 RNA vaccine candidates against COVID-19 and the efficacy of 1 candidate. The same   study  says,  Data presented here do not address whether vaccination prevents asymptomatic infection, but evaluation of that question is ongoing in this study, and real-world data suggest that BNT162b2 prevents asymptomatic infection. Photo from Pexels . Mainstream media is finally changing their tune on vaccine injuries, too. A nonprofit organization sued the CDC to make it release v-safe data from a vaccine safety monitoring program. Reuters says , ICAN [the nonprofit] crunched the numbers on its own and cam

Safe and Effective - A Second Opinion (Documentary)

"We tore up the rule book..." June Raine, Chief Executive, Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (UK) on the COVID vaccine trials. Screen shot from Safe and Effective .  Quoting the British Medical Journal , doctors, researchers, a Member of Parliament, scientific studies and several previously healthy, fit people who suffered disabling vaccine injuries, Safe and Effective makes a damning case against the novel gene therapies developed at warp speed, the psy-op campaign of ridicule and coercion to take them, and the gaslighting of those they harmed. "You take one for the team. So I took the vaccine. But now the team's running in the opposite direction," says Georgia Segal, age 35, who collapsed after her second Pfizer jab and is now registered disabled. The documentary features several previously healthy, fit people, most of them young and some of them athletes, who became disabled after getting COVID vaccines. They're not alone: the UK'

COVID Vaccine Concerns Going Mainstream

 A well-known, mainstream cardiologist in the UK is calling for COVID shots to immediately stop until "raw data has been released for fully independent scrutiny." Dr. Aseem Malhotra got a COVID vaccine on TV and encouraged others to get it, too. But when Dr. Malhotra's fit, healthy father died of a heart attack, he started investigating the vaccines. What he found was that for non-elderly people, thousands would have to get the shot to prevent one death; serious adverse events for the shot are around one in eight hundred to one in a thousand (far greater than for other vaccines that were pulled); there was a significant rise in cardiac arrest calls in England and Israel in 2021 that is a potential signal of the vaccine's harm; and that corporations are paying the agencies that are supposed to be policing them.  Dr. Malhotra at a recent press conference on his new paper. Full video here .  None of this is new to most readers, but a well-known, mainstream doctor saying

Incredible Results from Probiotics, No Emulsifiers

I'm continuing to make progress on my emulsifier free journey, hitting a milestone over the weekend: my lawnmower ran out of energy before I did. I wasn't even using the self-propel feature. Image from Unsplash .  Six years ago, I had to mow the lawn in one little section per day. Granted, I have a better lawnmower now, but I'm in far better health now by any measure.  I think I am making progress on whatever nasty bug has been giving me heart palpitations for years (assuming that's the cause), along with another Inner Circle member. Both of us are taking Biotiquest probiotics. Different formulations, but they have a lot of the same strains. This member's atrial fibrillation is going away; my palpitations are improving, too. I started taking the Ideal Immunity formula again a few weeks ago, along with a fresh batch of apples and carrots fermented with Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17. A die-off reaction from all of those bacteriocins (bacteria killers made by bacteria) m

Uploading Lab Tests to Dr. Davis's Website

My tutorial on uploading your lab results to the Inner Circle website: 

Inner Circle Members: Navigate Dr. Davis's Website Better!

If you've found Dr. Davis's Inner Circle website hard to navigate, you're not alone. There's a lot on the site and it's not intuitively organized. So I've made a video highlighting the most useful features: how to bookmark pages, print the cheat sheets, take the online courses, find advanced protocols and the best probiotics for you, search the site, and where to get the latest information.

Fluffy Lemon Cheesecake Recipe without Emulsifiers

This recipe is adapted from the New York Style Cheesecake recipe on Dr. Davis's site. Despite some kind members there recommending gum-free brands of cream cheese and even cultures to make your own, there's no acceptable cream cheese sold near me, and using ricotta cheese is less trouble than adding another fermentation project.  Using ricotta gives the cheesecake a fluffy texture and adding lemon extract gives it more flavor. I used Simple Truth ricotta (Kroger's organic store brand), which didn't need to be drained since it wasn't runny.  The net carb count of Dr. Davis's recipe is 4.7g per slice (assuming 8 servings); that figure should hold true for this recipe, also. Crust 1½ cups almond flour  1½ teaspoon cinnamon  ½ cup Splenda 2 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons pastured lard  1 egg  1½ teaspoon vanilla extract
 Filling 16 ounces ricotta cheese (with no emulsifiers or gums) 1 cup sour cream ½ cup Splenda 1 dash salt  3 eggs 3 tablespoons lemon juice 1½ te

Emulsifier Free Grocery Haul

It can be hard finding prepared foods like dairy, sausage and sauces without emulsifiers (food thickeners). These additives can damage the mucus lining of your stomach, if only temporarily, and allow bad bacteria into your system. That's how Dr. Davis explained what he thought was happening when I talked about it at the last Inner Circle meetup.  Thickeners like carrageenan, guar gum, gellan gum, locust bean gum, even palm oil (used as an emulsifier in almond butter) and others are in foods you wouldn't suspect. I've had to toss out cream, protein powder, cream cheese, coconut milk, deli chicken--I even had to return a package of raw chicken once. Raw chicken! Why does raw chicken need anything added to it but butter, lemon and heat? Are they trying to make people sick? It must have been making me sick because I've felt so much better without emulsifiers and thickeners. I can do physical work without wearing myself out, my palpitations are gone, my puffy face is gone,

Palpitations--Finally, an Answer and a Fix

 After suffering with heart-pounding palpitations for eight years, I finally have an answer: endotoxemia brought on by emulsifiers, which thin the mucus in your digestive tract and allow toxins in your gut to get into the rest of your system. I finally realized the cause (emulsifiers in food) and Dr. Davis suggested the effect (endotoxemia). He said in the Zoom meeting last night that was probably the cause, and that endotoxemia was a big factor in heart disease.  Since cutting out emulsifiers like guar gum, gellan gum, lecithin, locust/carob bean gum and even palm oil (used in almond butter to homogenize it), the palpitations have gone and so have my puffy face, neck pain and TMJ pain. I'm sleeping better, feeling better and thinking more clearly. Did I mention it's been eight years since I felt this well?  Victory! Photo from Unsplash . You know how you feel after you've had a very long day--or several in a row? That's how I felt for five days. It was such a relief t

Aches and Pains due to Emulsifiers?

I may have found a reason I have a lot of ups and downs in how I feel: energetic sometimes, then sluggish; feeling great, then slowed down by stomach aches, neck pains and headaches. It reminds me of when I felt so awful I ended up in an ambulance after drinking almond milk that had carrageenan . Carrageenan is a emulsifier. I looked at the cream cheese I'd been using to make cheesecake. (I love low-carb--dessert for breakfast and dip for dinner.) It all had locust bean gum: an emulsifier.  I didn't feel anything until I'd been eating the stuff for a few weeks, and then every time I had some cream cheese, it felt like it was sitting on my stomach and I didn't feel like doing anything. So maybe it's cumulative. After a few days without it, I'm starting to feel back to normal.  These are your guts on emulsifiers. Photo from Pexels . Dr. William Davis says, "Emulsifiers are added to processed foods to keep the ingredients mixed and to prevent separation....The

How to Program a Suteck Yogurt Maker

 If you have a Suteck or similar yogurt maker, here's how to program it for time and temperature. I've selected 106 degrees because I ferment L. reuteri and B. coagulans together; if you're doing just L. reuteri, set it for 97 degrees.  Thirty-six hours' fermentation is necessary to get high bacterial counts--not just creamy texture.  Enjoy!

They're Back on Twitter and YouTube!

Attention Citizens! Investigative journalist Alex Berenson is back on Twitter after a settlement with the company. The "wrongest man" of the pandemic consistently called it right, yet he was suspended for misinformation. The final tweet that got him bounced from Twitter: It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine. Think of it - at best - as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS. And we want to mandate it? Insanity. — Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) July 6, 2022 Lifestyle Medicine (or, Your Health before Pharma Profits) Over on YouTube, Dr. Suneel Dhand, internal medicine physician who reads and interprets studies and the news on his channel, started posting there again after his two strikes for "misinformation" timed out. One of his strikes was for reading a news article about a COVID outbreak among vaccinated people last year.  I don't agree

Gooseberries--a Low-Carb Fruit

Amish Red gooseberries from my garden. First, the tiny gooseberry plants that arrived in the mail were too small to bear fruit. Then the neighbors' lawn guy cut them down while mowing drunk in the dark. But finally, after putting some bricks around them (and not doing much else), I have a crop of tasty gooseberries.  Gooseberries are juicy, a little tart, and they last longer than other berries. They're like seedless grapes but less sweet with only about 7 grams of net carbohydrate per cup, 42 mg of vitamin C and 297 mg of potassium . If you've never heard of them, you're not alone (and you're probably not English). Gooseberry bushes were banned in the United States for a long time because they were a host plant for a disease that killed white pines. They're still banned in some places. But they're allowed where I live (we don't have many pines in Indiana) and they've grown like champs on the north side of my house.