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Idiocracy 2022: the COVID Cult

With the COVID vaccines looking like they cause heart attacks and reduced sperm counts in young men, 2022 is playing out like the beginning of Idiocracy . (Warning: NSFW.) Of course, Clevon doesn't represent all the vaccine refusers, but Trevor and Carol aren't necessarily smart about anything but test-taking and PowerPoint presentations. These tweets from a few days ago are from someone of the same type, a professor of epidemiology . As such, he must know that masks haven't been shown to stop spread, airplanes are not significant COVID vectors, and a respirator (assuming it's fitted) should be more than adequate protection. And yet Professor Karen tweeted these:  I'm a university graduate myself. But it was the Trevors and Carols and Professor Karens who brought about masking and lockdowns and mostly the Clevons who got us back to normal. Not that I'd recommend Clevon's lifestyle--I'm related to a few Clevons myself. But Trevor, Carol and the professo
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Battle of the Barbecue Sauces

This weekend, I picked up three bottles of low-carb barbecue sauce with no frankenfood ingredients at Whole Foods to try out. I put them on chicken wings and tasted them by themselves. Results: Good Food for Good BBQ Sauce Classic , 4g carbohydrate per 2 tablespoons. No sugar added, but the dates make it the sweetest of the bunch and with a warm hint of mustard. It's organic, has a very short list of ingredients and no thickeners or emulsifiers. It's a little runny, but I recommend it for people who like a sweet sauce. Who knew Canadians made such good barbecue sauce? Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce , 3g carbohydrate per 2 tablespoons. This was the lowest in carbohydrates and the tangiest and smokiest, with vinegar and mustard in the mix. The tapioca starch made it the thickest sauce. It's also organic--what else would you expect from Mark Sisson? Recommended for strict carb control and occasions when you need a thick sauce. LocalFolks Foods Hab-A-Q (Habanero Bar-B-Q) , 5g

Massive Weight Loss with Nauseating New Drug

USA Today reports that study subjects lost dramatic amounts of weight with diabetes drug tirzepatide. Participants in the randomized, controlled trial lost an average of 15% of their weight at week 72 according to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine .  Photo by  Sara Bakhshi  on  Unsplash How does it work? USA Today's interview with a participant offers a clue: The drug prevented her from overeating, [participant Mary] Bruehl said.  If she overindulged, the food would come back up. "I've learned to stop before I get that feeling," she said...The one negative side effect was nausea, which Bruehl felt the day after each of her weekly shots of tirzepatide. She's not alone. From the study , The most common adverse events with tirzepatide were gastrointestinal, and most were mild to moderate in severity, occurring primarily during dose escalation. Adverse events caused treatment discontinuation in 4.3%, 7.1%, 6.2%, and 2.6% of participants receiving 5-

They Haven't Learned (And Neither Have I!)

Crowds have gathered across the street at the annual festival put on the by church and school. Every year, I go over and enjoy my annual plate of nachos. Not this, year, though! I'd like to say it's because I'm won't eat junk food, but the truth is, I'm sick of spending money.  Earlier this week, I went to the dentist for a night guard. Grinding my teeth a little at night is normal for me, but my car trouble ($1,800 worth) stressed me to the point that eating fermented foods became painful. While I was at the dentist's office, three healthy-looking young patients were in the waiting room wearing masks. These patients were about to walk 10 feet and take their masks off at a place where people come and go all day and sit with their mouths wide open. Even if you think masks do any good, what's the point if you're going to take them off in a minute? When does this end? COVID isn't going away any more than H1N1, hantavirus or the bubonic plague. Yes--tho

Dr. Prasad: Useless Cowards Shirked Duties

Professor of Medicine Vinay Prasad has had enough of "useless fucking cowards." Normally measured and thoughtful in his YouTube videos, he lays out his contempt for cowards and careerists who didn't try to protect kids (and everyone else) from disastrous policies during the pandemic. Dr. Prasad carried out his duties in person at the county hospital throughout the pandemic. He carefully examined the evidence for masking children, injecting children with COVID "vaccines," closing schools, boosters for all, and Paxlovid in the vaccinated, and came out mostly or entirely against them. He says it hasn't helped his career or made him many friends--but it was his duty as a doctor and professor. Dr. Prasad says duty has fallen out of favor; I say it's courage that's lacking. You don't need to be charged with a duty to take the initiative to do some good. Without courage, you can't carry out your initiatives or duties when they're unpopular. He h

Fauci Joins "Anti-Vaxxers" in Vax Concerns

I was right all along/You come tagging along. -The Hives Remember a few months ago when those of us with concerns about the safety and efficacy of COVID shots were called anti-vaxxers? Now that COVID has spread through the vaccinated, CNN quotes Fauci saying,  “We have very good vaccines, but we’ve got to get better platforms and immunogens, maybe with adjuvants that allow us to have a greater durability of protection,” Fauci said. Adjuvants are extra ingredients in vaccines that help them work better. Just "very good"? CNN says they're "astonishingly good": In clinical trials, the new mRNA vaccines have proven to be astonishingly good at protecting people against illness, hospitalizations and deaths, at least in the short term. Fauci said mRNA vaccines have other advantages, too. It’s relatively fast and easy to redesign them to better protect against new variants, for example. Sure, if by "astonishingly good" you mean a 1% absolute risk reduction of

Attorney General Calls out CDC for Spreading COVID Misinformation

The Office of the US Surgeon General called for information on the prevalence of misinformation about COVID--and Indiana's attorney general told them to look in the mirror. AG Todd Rokita, along with Drs. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University and Kulldorff (formerly of Harvard), spelled out the misinformation that the CDC and other government organizations spread that "has led to great harm in the lives and livelihoods of Americans" and "shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair." The memo notes--with citations--the government's failure to accurately count, their natural immunity denial, their false claims that the shots prevented spread, their worse-than-useless mask mandates, school closures, tracing and lockdowns, and their zero-COVID fantasy.  Have you noticed that you never hear "follow the science" anymore? It's because science doesn't support the aggressive busybodies who shouted &quo