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Vaxxed Overrepresented in Indiana COVID Cases & UK Deaths

For the first time, the vaccinated account for over half of the past week's COVID cases in Indiana. They made up 55% of cases, while 54% of Hoosiers are vaccinated. This is based on records I compile using data from Indiana's coronavirus website and the Regenstrief website that shows hospitalizations here. Click image to enlarge. Numbers at 12/30/21 are likely off due to delays in reporting over Christmas. COVID is spreading like a brush fire through the highly vaccinated office where I work, where there's been more coughing and sneezing in the past week than I've heard in two years. Coworkers are grabbing up tests, even as some of them doubt negative results. Why they bother to take a test if they're already so sure of the outcome that they doubt the result, I don't know. A few unvaccinated coworkers and I haven't been among the sick so far. The table shows a small proportion of breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated, but keep in mind
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COVID Kerfuffle!

Photo from Pixabay . Readers may have seen the kerfuffle between Dr. Robert Malone and journalist Alex Berenson. They were both guests on Fox News to talk about big tech censorship when Berenson, apropos of nothing, accused Dr. Malone of inflating his credentials and misleading people about ivermectin . After the interview,  Malone immediately listed several of his patents and papers on his substac k; Berenson so far hasn't produced any evidence to back up his accusations. And the accusations have blown up in his face: readers are unsubscribing to his substack, Unreported Truths, en masse and supporters are closing their wallets. Many of them have gone over to the substack of Robert Malone.  I haven't seen anything like this since Denise Minger debunked The China Study. Even the documentary Fathead , which debunked Supersize Me, didn't seem to cause such an uproar. But both Minger and Tom Naughton (who made Fathead ) brought the receipts and neither The China Study nor Su

Finis! And a Toast to Vax Pass Protestors

I said a few months ago that when I finished my bathroom ceiling, I'd celebrate with a bottle of French wine . Sorry, California, you make fine wine, but you had your chance to give Governor Hair Gel the heave ho. Pretty enough for a chateau. Before. (By the way, if you put up PVC tiles too, don't use Loc-tite adhesive--it doesn't stick. Use Gorilla Construction Instant Grab. It's harder to squeeze out of the can, but it works well.) It's late. But tomorrow, I'll drink a toast to everyone protesting the Green Pass and give thanks that it is outlawed where I live.   Email subscribers: visit my blog to see pictures and videos below. Bulgaren bestormen parlement om te protesteren tegen COVID "groene" pas Bulgarians Storm Parliament To Protest COVID "Green" Pass — politiek incorrect (@supernova773) January 13, 2022 Italians take over the streets of Genoa in protest of Mario Draghi and the "no jab, no job, no plac

Medicare/Medicaid Mandate Allowed; Hospitals No Longer Pretending to Follow the Science

The Supreme Court upheld Biden's vaccine mandate for health care workers in federally funded Medicare or Medicaid programs. The majority wrote, After all, ensuring that providers take steps to avoid transmitting a dangerous virus to their patients is consistent with the fundamental principle of the medical profession: first, do no harm. It would be the very opposite of efficient and effective administration for a facility that is supposed to make people well to make them sick with COVID–19. Meanwhile, health officials and hospitals let COVID-infected staff stay on the job . Why?  The move is a reaction to the severe hospital staffing shortages and crushing caseloads that the omicron variant is causing....Many hospitals are not only swamped with cases but severely shorthanded because of so many employees out with COVID-19.   I repeat: "so many employees out with COVID-19." I wonder what the vaccination rates are in those hospitals in California, France, and Rhode Island m

OSHA Vax Mandate Stayed; Covidians no Longer Pretending to Follow the Science

But--but--but--the fact checkers said the mandate was constitutional! 😂 Thanks are due to Senator Mike Braun of Indiana. His bill to nullify the mandate may not have become law, but its approval in the Senate played a part in the Supreme Court's decision. 🚨BIG VICTORY FOR AMERICA AT THE SUPREME COURT🚨 Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandate for private employees has been struck down, with help from our objection in the Senate which was referenced in the majority opinion. — Senator Mike Braun (@SenatorBraun) January 13, 2022 Speaking of facts, I've stopped seeing the phrase "follow the science." It's become too clear that the facts aren't on the side of masks, lockdowns, school closures and mass testing to try to contain an airborne virus. Still, some anti-science people persist. Did you do your own research? You can't possibly know what you're doing! Do you listen to people like Robert Malone or Peter McCullough or J

Keto Mag, Vitamin Sale & Immunity Boosting Yogurt

Awesome Keto Recipe Magazine is Back All the recipes I've made from Delish Keto Comfort Foods--beef stroganoff, broccoli cheese soup, the mac & cheese shown on the cover, even bagels--have been fantastic. Every recipe is illustrated and includes nutrition information. You can buy the magazine at Walmart, Hudson News, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Target, Albertsons, Barnes & Noble, Dollar General, Walmart Canada, Paradies, Ahold Delhaize, Loblaw, Costco, Sam's Club, Meijer, Rite Aid, Sobeys, Wakefern, H E Butt Grocery, Wegmans, HY Vee Food Stores, Costco Canada, and Giant Eagle, but I found it yesterday at Fresh Thyme Market. Supplement Sale at Fresh Thyme Fresh Thyme , a regional grocery store, is selling vitamins and body care products at 30% off through January 11. They carry Doctor's Best magnesium, the best substitute I've found for magnesium water. Store locations shown below: Yogurt for Viral Respiratory Illnesses I'm reposting Dr. Davis's recip

Peak Psychosis: More on Kids and COVID

After two years of the media, government and pharma groupies yelling fire in a crowded theater, we've reached what I hope is peak psychosis. This week, a woman drove with her COVID-infected son in the trunk, a Supreme Court justice spewed COVID misinformation, and a researcher reports on hundreds of adverse events among babies who were injected with the clot shot. Mom puts Son in Car Trunk From Houston ,  ...on Jan. 3, [Sarah] Beam pulled into the drive-thru testing site located at 11355 Falcon Road in northwest Harris County, when a witness reported hearing something in the trunk. The witness said when Beam unlatched the trunk, the boy  [Beam's 13-year-old son] was found lying down inside. Court documents said the witnesses told Beam she would not receive a COVID test until the child was removed from the trunk and placed in the back seat of the vehicle. The witness then called police. Beam allegedly told authorities her son had tested positive for COVID-19 and she was takin