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Michigan Gov Named Indiana Businessperson of the Year

"We thank you for the revenue!" says a satirical(?) billboard just south of the Michigan-Indiana border. The billboard also honors(?) Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as Indiana's businessperson of the year and welcomes residents of her state to "free-roaming Indiana." Whitmer made the news last year when she banned sales of gardens seeds and activities such as boating or traveling to a second residence. Sheriffs in various counties refused to enforce some of the orders . Peaceful protestors, mostly in cars but some of them armed, stormed the capital and surrounding blocks.  Photo from Steve Swick. Michigan's excess deaths per capita has been among the worst in the US.  Sign owner Steve Swick says,  It’s from the frustration that we see so much with Michiganders who are coming over the border,” said Swick, a Michigan native who grew up about 15 miles north of the billboard in Coldwater. Whitmer “effectively shut down and destroyed small businesses and industri

Food Freedom Bills and an Outbreak of Reason

What if you could take a flamethrower to everything that was wrong with 2020: the lockdowns, the riots, campus speech codes, chokeholds, the endless emergency orders by fiat? The Indiana assembly has all that and much more in its sights this season . Isolate Grandma? She should soon be able to see a caregiver she's related to. Caught rioting? Three hots, a cot and no government job for you. States of emergency? Not without permission from the legislature, and they're in no mood for mission creep . Speakers you disagree with on campus? Grit your teeth or head for a safe space. Defund the police? LOL, the assembly is looking to repeal the law requiring licenses to carry handguns by persons not otherwise prohibited from doing so.  Also on the agenda: prohibition of conversion therapy , civil forfeiture reform , a ban on police chokeholds, decriminalization of marijuana, body cams and dash cams for the police, allowing pharmacists to prescribe and dispense birth control pills and p