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Whistleblowers, Watchdogs and Insurers Sound Alarm on COVID Vax

A few weeks ago, Senator Ron Johnson held a roundtable on COVID vaccines . In the first part of the roundtable, a variety of specialists pointed out the explosion in deaths and injuries following the COVID vaccine rollout. (Email subscribers: click on the link above to see the video on Rumble.) Highlights from the video Open VAERS spotlights explosion in adverse events 9:46: Liz Willner, web developer and founder of Open VAERS , a site with a compilation of data from the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Willner is the mother of a vaccine injured child.  From Open VAERS. Click to enlarge. The VAERS database is difficult to get through even for me (I'm better than most at such things); I was horrified at the deaths and permanent disabilities it showed in June 2021 .  VSAFE Data shows 8% required medical care 12:10: Aaron Siri, lead counsel, ICAN legal team, on the VSAFE system . VSAFE has 10 million volunteers who signed up to report any reactions to the COVID v

Tight Pants, Colds, and Dairy-Free Fermentation

Pants Don't Fit? It Might be the Pants If the clothes-o-meter says you're gaining weight, it might be the clothes that are off. Half the ladies' blouses I recently bought are medium sized (I normally take a small) and the jeans I just bought are smaller than the ones from before, even though they're they same brand, cut and size.  They're smaller in the thighs, too. I thought I'd had too much prebiotic fiber. This doesn't seem to be a one-off. One reviewer who bought the same jeans said she bought them a size up to wear over tights, but couldn't get them on even without tights. Over at Talbots--which normally carries high quality clothes--several reviewers complained about undersized jeans.  Click to enlarge (the screenshot--alas, it doesn't work on jeans) Of course, if your jeans used to fit--well, jeans don't shrink from sitting in a drawer.  Another Cold Averted? Regular readers know I'm prone to respiratory illnesses. But my last cold onl

Court Strikes Down Vax Requirement for Federal Contractors

Yes--it's almost 2023, people have stopped pretending the shots stop transmission, COVID is basically a cold now, the list of acknowledged side effects is growing and yet we're still fighting COVID shot mandates. The states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Indiana filed suit against President Biden regarding his executive order for federal contractors to get a COVID shot. An email today from Indiana's attorney general says, Attorney General Todd Rokita has prevailed in yet another legal fight against President Joe Biden’s executive overreach in the form of draconian COVID vaccine mandates. This time, in a lawsuit filed by Indiana and two other plaintiff states, a U.S. appeals court has struck down a rule requiring vaccination for anyone working for federal contractors. “Hoosiers and all Americans should have the liberty to make their own decisions on whether to get vaccinated,” Attorney General Rokita said. “That includes individuals who happen to work as federal contractors.

It's not that Complicated!

Two Steps to Improved Health Lately I see people overcomplicating their health: they ask (other people) about enemas, their HPA axis, vagus nerve, stool tests, arcane lab tests, data on calcium score reduction, what time to have their supplements, where to get exotic microbes they read about on Google Scholar, and so on. The problem with this is that 1) it's off the map and probably nobody knows the answer and 2) in most cases, they're neglecting some basic steps known to work.  Most low-carb diets have two steps: 1) stop eating poison; 2) supplement what's missing. Dr. Davis's program has the additional step of getting rid of SIBO, but for that, he mostly recommends SIBO yogurt (homemade yogurt with 2-3 strains of bacteria missing in most people).  With step 1 in mind, I whacked back the nuts, cheese and occasional junk food cheats freely available at work. And with step 2 in mind, I've continued taking more iodine and I've been eating more protein to build mus

A New Motivation to Stay Fit

Have you shopped for women's clothes lately? Everything either fits like a trash bag with arm holes or looks like what a stripper would wear. Over the past week, I've sent back half a dozen blouses that were low cut, fit like a sausage casing, or were see-through. Even though they were from an upscale store, they looked trashier than any top I've seen on hookers in Indianapolis. I finally found some nice blouses by Liz Claiborne at JC Penney, of all places, and some nice t-shirts I can wear under sweaters or blazers at Land's End. (The U-neck jersey t-shirts are $8 there if you want to stock up.) Another one came from Amazon--it's a brand that's also at Target.  Now that I finally have some nice tops, after weeks of searching, I don't want to outgrow them. I don't want to look flabby in them, either, since some of them are form fitting. To that end, I'm continuing working out a few times a week keeping nuts and dairy to condiment levels.  My new favo

Sustained Energy with More Iodine; Nuts and Cheese FAIL

Some weeks ago, I boosted my iodine dose to 1,000 micrograms a day (over Dr. Davis's program recommendation), and for the first time in several years, I've sustained a workout program. I'm back to lifting weights a few times a week and found a dance exercise channel on YouTube I like. I even overdid my workout one day--I had a pounding heart that night and felt jittery--but you don't know your limits unless you push yourself.  As most readers know, iodine is needed for thyroid function; without enough of it, you can suffer from fatigue, cold, depression, mental fog and weight gain. Meals will be looking a lot more like this. Photo from Unsplash . Despite the extra iodine, I gained some weight. Last week when my pants were uncomfortably tight, I had acid reflux, and my face looked like the moon, I stopped ignoring the fact that nuts and cheese put weight on me. I'd been eating biscuits and gravy and an apple-cranberry tart. These were made using compliant recipes...b