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Safe and Effective - A Second Opinion (Documentary)

"We tore up the rule book..." June Raine, Chief Executive, Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (UK) on the COVID vaccine trials.

Screen shot from Safe and Effective

Quoting the British Medical Journal, doctors, researchers, a Member of Parliament, scientific studies and several previously healthy, fit people who suffered disabling vaccine injuries, Safe and Effective makes a damning case against the novel gene therapies developed at warp speed, the psy-op campaign of ridicule and coercion to take them, and the gaslighting of those they harmed.

"You take one for the team. So I took the vaccine. But now the team's running in the opposite direction," says Georgia Segal, age 35, who collapsed after her second Pfizer jab and is now registered disabled.

The documentary features several previously healthy, fit people, most of them young and some of them athletes, who became disabled after getting COVID vaccines. They're not alone: the UK's Yellow Card scheme has logged 432,819 adverse reactions, of which 2,240 were fatal. But they've been ignored and their injuries dismissed as rare or psychological.

Screen shot from Safe and Effective. VAERS is the official voluntary vaccine adverse events reporting system in the US.

A few of the vaccine victims have received £120,000 in compensation for their losses (including a loss of a leg and the death of a spouse); some have partly regained their health through unconventional therapies. They say most doctors won't touch them and Facebook shut down their support group. 

Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, although not a specialist in vaccines, says it is his understanding that the spike protein appears to be distributed throughout the body in every major organ system for several months (it is supposed to stay at the injection site), causing toxicity or an autoimmune reaction. He explains the difference between relative and absolute risk and why some of the vaccine efficacy claims are based on poor science, noting the funding of official health agencies by industry.

COVID may be over, but the rule book is in the shredder, the injured are still out there, and Safe and Effective itself is shadow-banned on YouTube by being unavailable in Restricted Mode. It's a well-made, one-hour documentary; you can watch it here


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