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Hair and Skin Wins with Drugstore Products

For the past several months, I thought my hair was getting thinner. There was more hair in the shower drain than before and the hair at my temples was getting thin and wispy. I put it down to age until I changed conditioners. Immediately, there was less hair in the drain and more on my head. I'd been using a lightening conditioner (Sheer Blonde) that must have been damaging my hair. I've changed shampoo since then, too--both products (Herbal Essences) are free of sulfates, added phthalates, parabens and colorants. Stock photo from My sister-in-law had a win, too. On a member's advice offered at Dr. Davis's Inner Circle (members aren't necessarily medical professionals), she applied tea tree oil on a toenail that had had a fungal infection for years. After three months, she said, the fungus was gone.  With that in mind, I applied Vick's Vapor Rub (actually, a store brand version) to a red, scaly patch on my ear that has popped up from time to time m