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Knives are out for Forced Vax Fanatics

"If you can't get the right answer, you're no use to anyone," said my thermodynamics professor. I would add that if you don't know what you're talking about, you have no business lecturing anyone.  Such common sense is lost on Professor Emily Oster, who wrote this tone-deaf tweet: That may be the mother of all ratios. July 2021: Professor Oster advocated for coerced vaccinations:  Oster, whose Twitter bio says she's an "unapologetically data-driven" economist at Brown University, may have been in the dark about COVID in July 2021, but I--with an undergrad degree from a state university and no formal training in statistics--was writing about the vaccines' lack of efficacy , the fact they didn't stop spread , and vaccine injuries among study participants . As far back as April 2020, I wrote that it was clear that the risk of healthy kids getting a bad case of COVID seemed to be blown out of proportion . If I could figure these things out,

Twitter, Minerals, and a New Sweetener

Twitter under New Ownership "Let the good times roll!" -Elon Musk, October 28 Twitter was one of the best sources of information for me during the pandemic. I found journalist Alex Berenson and others there whose information, even with Twitter's censorship, helped guide me through with accurate information. Now some are in a tizzy because Elon Musk bought Twitter and promised to restore free speech to the platform. Twitter's new Head of Safety and Integrity tweeted, "Over the last 48 hours, we’ve seen a small number of accounts post a ton of Tweets that include slurs and other derogatory terms. To give you a sense of scale: More than 50,000 Tweets repeatedly using a particular slur came from just 300 accounts"  (emphasis added). But if it's like "the gates of hell opened," I just haven't seen it in my feed--but then, I don't look for fights and I don't troll, scold or dox people. There's still the option to block people or simpl

Clawbacks have Started

Victories are happening in some unlikely places. The City of New York played stupid games denying natural immunity, pretending that COVID vaccines stopped spread, and coercing people to get an experimental vaccination--unless they were an athlete or performing artist. Today, the City won its stupid prize : Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio called the rule "arbitrary and capricious" and a violation of the state's separation of powers doctrine. He ordered 16 fired City employees to be immediately reinstated with back pay. All 16 of the employees had documented natural immunity to COVID. New York City, having fired over 1,750 employees for not being vaccinated, looks like it's in a lot of trouble.  [T]he ex-employees’ lawyer, Chad LaVeglia, said that “every city employee who has been terminated because of the mandate could bring civil actions against the city.” “Litigation involving the other city employees would cost the city at least hundreds of million

My New Favorite Cold Medicine

Regular readers might remember my bouts with respiratory illnesses: bronchitis that hung on for months, colds that wouldn't go away, sinus infections so frequent that I had sinoplasty many years ago (it didn't stop my sinus infections), and even a week in the hospital with a sinus infection when I was a kid. The sickest I ever felt was when I had the flu at age 17. As someone (maybe Dr. Eades) recently described, I remember where I was and what I was doing when it came on.  Last week when I felt a cold coming on, I figured I'd be sick for several days. I was tired and starting to get congestion and a sore throat. But it went away 12 hours later and didn't come back.  Photo from Unsplash . Maybe it was short COVID. Kidding aside, the only difference is that I've been taking Ideal Immunity , a probiotic made by Biotiquest. (I'm not an affiliate.) Some of the members at Dr. Davis's Inner Circle have been getting incredible results with Sugar Shift lowering thei

Which States are Ignoring the CDC's Clot Shots for Tots?

 As I suspected, Indiana will not be making kids get COVID vaccinations:  The CDC should omit COVID-19 vaccines from recommended child immunizations. With minuscule risk of serious illness in kids — & vaccines’ ineffectiveness controlling spread — listing them is just payout to Big Pharma. Read the multistate letter: — Todd Rokita (@AGToddRokita) October 21, 2022 The letter is signed the the attorneys general of Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Montana, Arizona, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana and Texas.  Governors of Virginia, South Dakota, Tennessee, Connecticut, Wyoming, Idaho, Missouri, Iowa, Georgia Texas, and most notably Florida issued statements that their states won't require COVID vaccination for kids. The Ohio Department of Health says it won't require them ; the requirement is illegal in Arizona  and  Mississippi . Gubernatorial candidates (people running for governor) of Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wiscon

An Objective Book about Other Childhood Vaccines

Today's decision by the CDC to add COVID shots to the schedule of childhood vaccines has some people concerned about the rest of the vaccines on the schedule. Contrary to fact-checker claims, adding COVID shots to the schedule means children will be required in about a dozen states to get a COVID shot to attend public school. Indiana isn't one of them--our childhood vaccination law doesn't mention the CDC and such a requirement could run afoul of our ban on COVID vaccine passports. But even freewheeling Indiana has some vaccine requirements and this kerfuffle has people wondering how safe those vaccines are.  There's a book called Vaccines: Truth, Lies and Controversy  by Peter C. Gotzsche, DrMedSci and co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, about the safety and efficacy of all those vaccines, including COVID and others. Cochrane was founded to "to organise medical research findings to facilitate evidence-based choices about health interventions involving healt

How I Make Perfect L. Reuteri Yogurt

Over at Dr. Davis's Inner Circle, members make a lot of yogurt...and report a lot of problems in the effort. Mine turns out perfectly almost every time, so I've created a video. We make special yogurt out of L. reuteri bacteria and ferment it for a long time because the bacteria helps with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), smoother skin, reduced bone loss, increased strength, and other benefits. I had to stop taking thyroid medicine after I started eating the yogurt, but that seems to be uncommon.  You don't need a fancy yogurt maker--in fact, reported problems are in proportion to the cost of the contraptions. Nobody has yet reported a problem making a batch of yogurt in a camper cooler, as far as I'm aware. 

Spread was Never Tested: You Read it Here First

Mainstream media is finally catching up with news from over a year ago: COVID vaccines were never tested to see if they prevented spread. As I wrote i n July 2021, Pfizer's vaccine trial, and presumably the vaccine, are not intended to address the spread of COVID.   The trial is to   ...evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity [provoke an immune response] of 3 different SARS-CoV-2 RNA vaccine candidates against COVID-19 and the efficacy of 1 candidate. The same   study  says,  Data presented here do not address whether vaccination prevents asymptomatic infection, but evaluation of that question is ongoing in this study, and real-world data suggest that BNT162b2 prevents asymptomatic infection. Photo from Pexels . Mainstream media is finally changing their tune on vaccine injuries, too. A nonprofit organization sued the CDC to make it release v-safe data from a vaccine safety monitoring program. Reuters says , ICAN [the nonprofit] crunched the numbers on its own and cam