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Quack Cures for Vax Injuries

The quacks failed dieters, they failed diabetics, they failed thyroid patients, and now they're failing the vaccine injured. Quack doctors--meaning most doctors--handle difficult, non-emergency cases like this: Question whether there's really a problem Run tests that almost always come back "normal" Suggest the problem is psychological, or somehow the patient's fault Public health! Photo from Pexels . Why can't they just admit they don't know? I listened to a meeting of vaccine-injured people where one seemed to think that doctors knew what the problem really was, but wouldn't say. No--they really don't know. When endocrinologists (hormone doctors) have no idea how to treat diabetes or thyroid problems, dead common hormonal conditions with good protocols established decades ago, they're not going to know about anything about a brand-new condition.  Having suffered with headaches and GI problems doctors couldn't fix, I can understand why peo

Most Doctors are Quacks

Dad didn't like doctors. Long ago, Mom was in the hospital after abdominal surgery--for a mistaken diagnosis of appendicitis, if I remember right. She wasn't recovering from surgery, in fact, she was getting worse. When the hospital either couldn't or wouldn't do anything to help, Dad took her to another hospital, where they found her intestines had been put back in wrong. One of the nuns told Mom they almost lost her. At age 19 and with a 9th grade education, Dad had better judgment than the doctors at the first hospital. Doctors were mostly quacks then; doctors are mostly quacks now. That so many lined up for an experimental shot with an absolute risk reduction of symptomatic COVID of about 1% and a horrendous adverse events profile and then forced it on staff, patients and everyone else they could strong-arm should tell you all you need to know. The continued mask mandates at hospitals should remove all doubt.  The Cochrane Collaboration just published their findings