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Incredible Results from Probiotics, No Emulsifiers

I'm continuing to make progress on my emulsifier free journey, hitting a milestone over the weekend: my lawnmower ran out of energy before I did. I wasn't even using the self-propel feature.

Image from Unsplash

Six years ago, I had to mow the lawn in one little section per day. Granted, I have a better lawnmower now, but I'm in far better health now by any measure. 

I think I am making progress on whatever nasty bug has been giving me heart palpitations for years (assuming that's the cause), along with another Inner Circle member. Both of us are taking Biotiquest probiotics. Different formulations, but they have a lot of the same strains. This member's atrial fibrillation is going away; my palpitations are improving, too. I started taking the Ideal Immunity formula again a few weeks ago, along with a fresh batch of apples and carrots fermented with Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17. A die-off reaction from all of those bacteriocins (bacteria killers made by bacteria) might account for my being extremely tired for a day and a half--so much so that I called in sick. Even in my days of staying out late dancing, when I went through life bleary-eyed for 12 years, I never called in sick no matter how tired I was. Whatever the cause, I recovered quickly and mowed thick, wet grass the next day. 

Fermenting other vegetables is a nice alternative to the usual yogurt we make at the Inner Circle. The apples and carrots are a good medium for BNR17; I've also made fermented pickles and beets just adding salt and water to them. The pickles are a lot less sour than canned ones. Since the microbes digest a lot of the carbohydrates, it's a good way to eat fruit or starchy vegetables. 

So I'm eating a lot more bacteria, which might account for another pleasant surprise: the ringing in my left ear, which was mild enough not to notice most of the time, is gone.  I don't remember when it started, but I've noticed it at bedtime for a while now. It wasn't until someone mentioned he had a bad case of tinnitus that I realized mine was gone. 

I'm starting another fermentation project--I'll let you know how it turns out. Meantime, Biotiquest probiotics are at the link below. (I'm not an affiliate.)


Pleased things are going well.
It's alarming the number of people that suffer with tinnitus, it must be a relief that yours has gone.

All the best Jan

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