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First, They Came for Sugary Sodas

...and I said nothing because I wasn't a drinker of sugary sodas. Now, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York is coming for cauliflower, calling it "colonialist" in community gardens. Fox News' guest liberal, Cathy Arue, defended Cortez's statemen t, saying that cauliflower is a monocrop and the soil needs different plants to avoid becoming depleted, since the same old colonialist crops have been grown for generations. From what I understand, people rent plots in community gardens and grow whatever they like. If committees are dictating what crops are to be grown in community gardens in New York City, where Ocasio Cortez is from, maybe the committees, not the cauliflower, are the problem. In any case, is monocropping in community gardens a serious environmental problem? Looking at a few of New York City's 550 community gardens  on Google Street View, I didn't see anything that looked remotely like this: Photo by Gary Rogers. Wikimedia Commons

Are Soyboys Hypothyroid?

Commentator Paul Joseph Watson posted a video on his observation that a lot of left-wing activists share a distinct look, like this man (Paul Crowther), who allegedly threw a milkshake on politician Nigel Farage: Photo from Facebook. I'll stick with coconut milk. Almost everyone he pointed out was overweight and had a puffy face. In another video, he remarked how depressed his soyboy critics were. I'm no expert, but it looks and sounds like hypothyroid. Maybe someone should think about offering everyone seaweed snacks instead of statins. In fairness to them, the standard of care for thyroid treatment, especially in the UK, is so bad that patients have taken to ordering medications from Mexico and Thailand. What got me thinking about hypothyroid was being diagnosed with it. Having been startled by a high BG rating about a month ago, I really whacked back the carbs...and became so tired I barely wanted to move. My heart was going like a jack rabbit. Remembering what I sa

For Safety's Sake, Use Lard

Or butter, ghee, bacon grease or coconut oil--not something out of a spray can. Eight people have allegedly been injured by exploding cans of cooking spray (like Pam) when putting the cans near a stove . When's the last time you heard of shrapnel from exploding lard? Besides, humans have been eating animal fats for millions of years, and butter and coconuts for several thousand, suggesting we're well-adapted to those foods. Industrially made oils used in Pam, not so much. If your lard comes from a pastured piggy (not a blue box on the grocery store shelf), it'll have lots of vitamin D and no hydrogenated oil. Find a farmer near you that sells lard. Sources I've purchased from and recommend here in central Indiana: Fischer Farms ( bulk orders of their meat, eggs, lard, etc. only) Smoking Goose Source: " 8 People Allegedly Disfigured by Exploding Cans of Cooking Spray Sue Conagra " by Zlati Meyer. USA Today, May  7, 2019.