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Safe and Effective - A Second Opinion (Documentary)

"We tore up the rule book..." June Raine, Chief Executive, Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (UK) on the COVID vaccine trials. Screen shot from Safe and Effective .  Quoting the British Medical Journal , doctors, researchers, a Member of Parliament, scientific studies and several previously healthy, fit people who suffered disabling vaccine injuries, Safe and Effective makes a damning case against the novel gene therapies developed at warp speed, the psy-op campaign of ridicule and coercion to take them, and the gaslighting of those they harmed. "You take one for the team. So I took the vaccine. But now the team's running in the opposite direction," says Georgia Segal, age 35, who collapsed after her second Pfizer jab and is now registered disabled. The documentary features several previously healthy, fit people, most of them young and some of them athletes, who became disabled after getting COVID vaccines. They're not alone: the UK'

COVID Vaccine Concerns Going Mainstream

 A well-known, mainstream cardiologist in the UK is calling for COVID shots to immediately stop until "raw data has been released for fully independent scrutiny." Dr. Aseem Malhotra got a COVID vaccine on TV and encouraged others to get it, too. But when Dr. Malhotra's fit, healthy father died of a heart attack, he started investigating the vaccines. What he found was that for non-elderly people, thousands would have to get the shot to prevent one death; serious adverse events for the shot are around one in eight hundred to one in a thousand (far greater than for other vaccines that were pulled); there was a significant rise in cardiac arrest calls in England and Israel in 2021 that is a potential signal of the vaccine's harm; and that corporations are paying the agencies that are supposed to be policing them.  Dr. Malhotra at a recent press conference on his new paper. Full video here .  None of this is new to most readers, but a well-known, mainstream doctor saying

Incredible Results from Probiotics, No Emulsifiers

I'm continuing to make progress on my emulsifier free journey, hitting a milestone over the weekend: my lawnmower ran out of energy before I did. I wasn't even using the self-propel feature. Image from Unsplash .  Six years ago, I had to mow the lawn in one little section per day. Granted, I have a better lawnmower now, but I'm in far better health now by any measure.  I think I am making progress on whatever nasty bug has been giving me heart palpitations for years (assuming that's the cause), along with another Inner Circle member. Both of us are taking Biotiquest probiotics. Different formulations, but they have a lot of the same strains. This member's atrial fibrillation is going away; my palpitations are improving, too. I started taking the Ideal Immunity formula again a few weeks ago, along with a fresh batch of apples and carrots fermented with Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17. A die-off reaction from all of those bacteriocins (bacteria killers made by bacteria) m

Uploading Lab Tests to Dr. Davis's Website

My tutorial on uploading your lab results to the Inner Circle website: 

Inner Circle Members: Navigate Dr. Davis's Website Better!

If you've found Dr. Davis's Inner Circle website hard to navigate, you're not alone. There's a lot on the site and it's not intuitively organized. So I've made a video highlighting the most useful features: how to bookmark pages, print the cheat sheets, take the online courses, find advanced protocols and the best probiotics for you, search the site, and where to get the latest information.