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COVID Vaccines: Adverse Event Info from Germany, The Netherlands

There's a new article called " The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations--We Should Rethink the Policy ." While the methodology is kind of questionable (focusing on the European country with the most reported vaccine events, assuming that reported deaths were all caused by the vaccines, not considering herd immunity) and their results very imprecise, it does attempt to answer how much risk and reward the vaccines provide in the short term.  The European reporting system is even more unwieldy than VAERS in the US--but Germany and The Netherlands have their own reporting systems with events broken out by age groups. Malcolm Kendrick writes in Doctoring Data that he thinks the Germans have the most thorough vaccine event reporting system, while the article above says the Dutch have reported the most events for COVID vaccines.  Below are Google translations straight from these countries' websites on vaccine event reports, with some information highlighted. I've omitted mi

COVID Shots for Kids? UK and German Experts, Various Countries Say No

I was at the vet the other day and asked if my dog could get the COVID vaccine, since dogs can get COVID. Not yet, he said. He's still waiting for the human trials to finish.  Biggs, watching (too many) videos about COVID shots. I'm just kidding. I wouldn't give this vaccine to my dog because it has unknown long-term risks but no benefit to him. So I find it bizarre that some governments are recommending COVID vaccines for healthy kids, a group with million to one odds at most of dying of COVID. The only possible reason to vaccinate them is to protect adults...who themselves can get vaccinated or reduce some of their risk factors.  But not every country is allowing kids to get COVID vaccines. In the UK, a SAGE member and a committee of vaccination experts aren't recommending it.  Prof Calum Semple, a member of the [UK] government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said: “The risk of death [from Covid in children] is one in a million. That’s not a figure

Subscriber? Action Might be Needed

If you get this blog in a feed, that service (Feedburner) is going away in a few days. But there's a new button that lets you subscribe by email in the upper right corner of this page. I've already moved email subscriptions to that service, so if you're an email subscriber, you should be getting this message in your email, and you don't need to take any action. If you need to sign up, don't worry--I'll never send you spammy emails or share your information.  Photo from Pixabay .

COVID Bright Spots: Kids, Comorbidities and Getting on with Life

Lately I've seen concerning videos about the hazards of COVID vaccines: that the spike proteins the vaccines create once injected don't stay at the injection site; that the spike proteins are prevalent in ovaries and bone marrow at 48 hours (though it's not clear how long they remain); and the spike proteins themselves are damaging. I haven't been able to track down the accuracy of these claims--generic fact checkers all state "no evidence," and more technical refutations from scientists are beyond my pay grade. The original report on spike proteins in ovaries and bone marrow is in Japanese. But none of the fact checks I've read explain why the VAERS system is blowing up with reports of death and permanent disability following COVID vaccinations--why there are more deaths reported after COVID shots than after all other vaccines combined over the past 30 years or more. The VAERS list includes 17 deaths from smallpox vaccine, which hasn't been given for

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers; Kids and COVID

The Anointed are at it Again Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Photo from Pixabay . Remember a few years ago when standard nutrition advice was to eat a low-fat diet with plenty of heart healthy whole grains and avoid artery clogging saturated fat ? This, despite human evolution pointing towards limited-carb diets for most of the past few million years, despite critics calling out the junk science, despite common experience of improved health on low-carb diets, and despite the fact that diabetes and overweight skyrocketed after low-fat diets became commonplace starting around 1980? The advice was everywhere and accepted as common sense and good science, despite all facts to the contrary.  The same thing is happening with COVID vaccines. We're all being nudged (or worse) to get a dose or two of these safe vaccines despite warning signs, despite alternative treatment possibilities, and despite kids not needing them. Some states have lotteries for the newly jabbed to win a pile of

COVID Vaccines Blow Up CDC Death, Disability List

As regular readers know, association isn't causation. But when an association is strong enough, causation is likely. The CDC has a system called VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Report System) to "detect possible safety problems in U.S.-licensed vaccines." Anyone can report an adverse event (a medical problem following a vaccine), and health care professionals are required to do so. People reporting don't have to prove the vaccine caused the reaction, and some reactions might be just a coincidence. But one new set of vaccines accounting for over half of all deaths reported since 1990  to VAERS is a very big coincidence. Click to enlarge tables. Deaths per vaccine reported to VAERS since 1990 (top 11 vaccines on list).  I assume the percent of events adds up to over 100 because people often get more than one kind of vaccine at a time. Again, this list (shown in part) depicts 30 years of reports.  Permanent disability events per vaccine reported to VAERS since 1990 (top 12

Noping Out of the Vaccine Experiment

"I think Black Lives Matter was the stupidest name when the system's screwing everyone exactly the same." -Tom MacDonald, " Fake Woke " (Trigger warning: no foul language, sex or violence, but delicate listeners will their need smelling salts) It doesn't look like the US is going get 70% of its population vaccinated. Vaccinations here in Indiana have been slowing down since April and at this rate, they'll all but stop in a month. At this writing, 41% of Hoosiers 12 and older are fully vaccinated for COVID.  Why the hesitancy? For some black people, the Tuskeegee Experiment still raises suspicions about medical treatments. Candace Owens describes the infamous experiment: The victims of the Tuskeegee Experiment aren't the only ones who were screwed over by the medical industry. Vegan doctors lie through their teeth (see  this ,  this , and  this ), surely knowing the diet is purely ideological.  Gastroenterologists are useless  and sometimes harmful


It was great day of having fun and getting things done: I mowed the lawn, trimmed the collards, cleaned the basement, and went to the festival across the street. I'm tired and a little sore--but what a difference from last year when a few hours' worked rehabbing the garage left me feeling like I'd been run over. Three weeks' chiropractic care, yoga and B. coagulans turned things around. I also started sitting ankle-on-knee more, something I read at Sal Di Stefano's site. He's a personal trainer that Dr. Davis had on the Zoom meeting this week. It seems to help.  Since it's too hot and humid now to sleep well, and I'm too environmentally conscious (read: cheap) to set the air conditioner lower, I sleep in the basement. After five years' living here, the basement accumulated enough crud and clutter to need a good cleaning. I'd put it off for weeks because cleaning and decluttering distresses me more than surgery or a root canal. My mother (a hoard