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RFK, Epidemiologist on Vaccines: Watch Here!

YouTube removed some of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy's videos because of their vaccine misinformation policy and several legacy media outlets are dismissing RFK as an antivaxxer. Many may disagree with what they think are his views (he says he's never been anti-vaccine, but wants more stringent safety tests and less regulatory capture). But Twitter doesn't censor viewpoints on health--see RFK's discussion with a family medicine MD below (click here if you're getting this message by email). RFK Jr. debates both a doctor and the moderator of this NewsNation town hall on his stance on vaccine safety. Legacy media is going to have a tough time with this. — Dire Report (@DireReport) June 29, 2023 Responding to RFK's claims is Dr. Vinay Prasad, professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UC San Francisco. He agrees with RFK on some points and disagrees on others, always with eye towards reclaiming people's confidence in

Dr. Davis's Podcast Added; Quest Bars get Worse

After adding some new blogs and YouTube feeds yesterday, I added Dr. Davis's podcast feed  so that readers can simply click and listen to his latest episode. Just to be clear for email subscribers, all of these are on my site ( ) and the three bars at the top right (where you can click to see feeds and other features) are for people with smaller screens. If you have a bigger screen, you should be able to see all the feeds on the right side of the page.  If you'd like to put some YouTube or podcast feeds on your site, leave a comment and I'll reply with instructions since there's no widget in Blogger for putting them in and the RSS feed widget doesn't work. Nor does the podcast player from Elfsight. At least, I couldn't get them to work.   * * * * * Quest bars used to be a great snack--they were one of the first healthy, low-carb protein bars out there. Ten years ago, the ingredients were   Protein blend (whey protein isolate,

New Bloggers and YouTube Feeds

Let me introduce you to some bloggers and YouTubers whose feeds I've added here. (Click on the three lines at the top right and scroll down to see their feeds.) Nina Tiecholz, author of the book  The Big Fat Surprise , writes Unsettled Science for "people who share an interest in better understanding how the world of food politics. Getting to the truth about nutrition is so difficult—why is that? And how can we make it better?"  Dr. Suneel Dhand is a "Physician specializing in Internal and Lifestyle Medicine, with a focus on Metabolic Health and Natural Medicine." Dr. Dhand's videos of him reading reported news and studies about COVID earned strikes from YouTube; nevertheless, he's still there interpreting news and studies and criticizing processed foods.  Dr. Vinay Prasad is a "hematologist oncologist and Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at University of California, San Francisco." He has a substack (blog) and a YouTube c

COVID Lies are Funny

 Comedian Jimmy Dore marvels that it's OK to read up on anything but COVID shots.

Magnesium Tea: Peachy, Minty, Refreshing

Most readers know that magnesium supplementation is important, especially on low-carb diets. Magnesium deficiency is common, and low-carb diets require more magnesium--a mineral that's important for heart, muscle and digestive function and helps regulate blood sugar.  Photo from Unsplash . The magnesium powder in this recipe is the best form I've found--I had a lot of trouble with magnesium supplements during the pandemic not working, or giving me diarrhea, or (in the case of all the milk of magnesia) being contaminated with bleach. This magnesium powder doesn't require a carbonation machine, unlike some other powders. The peach flavor is only mildly sweet.  Note--limit servings to two per day, preferably spaced out several hours apart. Too much magnesium at once can have a laxative effect.  4-5 mint tea bags filtered water (enough for 1 medium pitcher) Doctor's Best magnesium powder, peach flavor Boil a cup of the water and add tea bags. Let steep for five minutes. Add

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Recipe: Low Carb, High Fiber, Full of Friendly Bio

 Tonight I set out to create the perfect summertime dessert: Low-carb: check. Full of prebiotic fibers: check. Full of beneficial bacteria: check. Cold but light and delicious on a hot day: check, check and check. If you serve this to someone who isn't used to lots of prebiotic fiber or high doses of bacteria, it could upset their stomach. For those guests, make some  XXX chocolate  or  lemon ice cream . * * * * * 1 green banana 1 can coconut milk (full fat, unsweetened) 2/3 cup yogurt (either Greek style or Dr. Davis style) (amount is 1 glass container that comes with some yogurt makers) 3 large strawberries, chopped Slice and puree the banana. Put the coconut milk in a large mixing bowl; puree if separated. Add the banana and yogurt, stir well. Stir in the strawberries. Process in an ice cream maker for 10 minutes. To serve leftovers, bring them out of the freezer 30 minutes ahead of time.