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NO federal mandate in effect right now requires vaccination before 12/6

 From Indiana's Attorney General: Except for employers that independently mandate the vaccine, NO federal mandate in effect right now requires vaccination before 12/6. — Todd Rokita (@AGToddRokita) November 30, 2021 Rokita adds, "If you are an employee of a Medicaid or Medicare provider concerned about the CMS federal vaccine mandate deadline of 12/6, be aware that my office filed for an injunction that will be decided by 12/5. "Sign up for the Rokita Review for the latest updates on our three lawsuits against the Biden vaccine mandates."

COVID Surges Amidst 118% Vax Rate; Better News Sources; What I Regret

Gibraltar has canceled official Christmas celebrations over surging COVID cases. Its >100% vaccination rate is due to "doses given to Spaniards who cross the border to work or visit the territory every day," according to RT .  The article continues, "Similarly well-vaccinated countries have also reported surges in Covid-19 infections recently. In Singapore, where 94% of the eligible population have been inoculated, cases and deaths soared to record highs at the end of October, and have since subsided slightly. In Ireland, where around 92% of the adult population is fully vaccinated, cases of Covid-19 and deaths from the virus have roughly doubled since August." As I said months ago, if you can get COVID, you can spread COVID, and vaccinated people are obviously getting and spreading COVID. This study in The Lancet found vaccination only reduced household transmission of the delta variant from 38% to 25%. This preprint of a huge study found vaccination modestl

Vax Mandate Closes Emergency Room

A Long Beach, New York emergency room has closed due to staffing shortages. At least they're admitting it's because of the state's vaccine mandates and not claiming that dozens of employees suddenly quit because of stress. Story here . Mount Sinai Long Beach hospital fired 72 healthcare staff due to vaccine mandate, and then closed down due to staff shortage. This is stupid beyond imagination 🤯 — Dr. Eli David (@DrEliDavid) November 24, 2021 COVID vaccines don't stop infection or spread, they only slow it down a little . Nevertheless, the ER has been closed to keep you safe . The hospital says it's just temporary until they find more employees, who are going to come from...where, exactly? While the ER is closed, patients can rush to the nearest emergency room five miles away, presumably through New York City's gridlocked traffic.  This closure was due to a state mandate, but hospitals and doctors offices are likewise driving the clow

Happy Thanksgiving!

 It's Thanksgiving, and at my house, that means it's time for...stratifying seeds to plant next year.  Native perennial seeds. Click to enlarge. Eighty-seven plants are going to replace the last strip of lawn along the south side of my house next year. I am feeling up to the job! But first, most of the seeds will have to put in a wet coffee filter in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a month or two. This simulated winter will let the seeds know it's time to sprout. Then I will plant them in seed trays and put them under LED lights in the basement. The plants should be full-grown in 2023.  As for Thanksgiving dinner, somehow I don't miss it this year. I disbanded my meetup group a few years ago and the cousin I spent Thanksgiving with last year is visiting relatives in Kansas. Before the meetups and the cousin, Thanksgiving usually meant a big, noisy affair with little kids running around screaming and adults who didn't make two words of conversation because they

Cult Leaders Won't Tell you to Leave the Cult

If you're waiting on COVID cult leaders to tell you it's OK to get together for Christmas or Thanksgiving, you might as well give away your turkey pan and stock up on fish sticks. If you're waiting on the cult leaders to tell you to shuck the mask, you'll be observing modesty laws forever. As long as COVID is around--probably forever--they're going to tell you to hide from it.  We have monoclonal antibodies, steroids, ivermectin (which I think works, at a minimum, as an antiviral), and probably soon we'll have Pfizermectin and Ivermercktin (antiviral pills from Pfizer and Merck). Unless you're at high risk, why worry? We know the shots do little to prevent infection or spread, which leaves herd immunity. The only thing lockdowns do is delay getting there.  I'm going out to eat on Thanksgiving, and I don't care how crowded the restaurant is. (My cousin and her husband in Ohio went to spend Thanksgiving with family in Kansas and stopped by on the way.)

Ivermectin for my Cold: How it Went

Disclaimer: please note I'm not a medical professional.  Last week I took ivermectin for what turned out to be a cold. I'd been feeling tired and had a little congestion, but didn't feel sick until Monday morning. I took a COVID test Tuesday (the soonest I could get one), and Tuesday evening started taking ivermectin.  I immediately felt better. Maybe there was a placebo effect; maybe it really started working that fast. Still, I got very tired early in the evening Tuesday and Wednesday, which is unusual for me, and had a runny nose. But the mildly miserable feeling you get when you're fighting a cold was gone. I am still coughing, but it's a dry, itchy cough. The only other cold remedies I took were a few doses of Mucinex and lots of cough drops. I felt well enough yesterday to go out in the cold and plant some fountain grass. I'd have planted the 15 coral bell plants I bought on sale, but it got dark. Today has been snowy and windy.  The ivermectin affected my

Forced Vaccination Fanatics Foiled Again

The Fifth Circuit Court just rejected the Justice Department's request to lift the freeze on OSHA's crazy forced vaccination scheme. From NBC News ,  "On the dubious assumption that the mandate does pass constitutional muster, which we need not decide today, it is nonetheless fatally flawed on its own terms," the court wrote, signaling the uphill legal battle facing the administration... "[H]ealth agencies do not make housing policy, and occupational safety administrations do not make health policy," the court wrote. "In seeking to do so here, OSHA runs afoul of the statute from which it draws its power and, likely, violates the constitutional structure that safeguards our collective liberty." Sorry, Brandon! Photo from Pixabay . It sounds like OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) doesn't have the authority to make people get a vaccination just for showing up at work, contrary to the blue checky-checks who insisted it did. T

Link to Vaccinated Giraffes that Died

My email services ( is sending everything that looks like a video to YouTube, and the link above it in the email doesn't start at the correct time. The correct link is here , or you can go my post that I've corrected and watch it. If that doesn't work, the giraffe talk is on Dark Horse Podcast 103 and starts at 1:19:06.  Screen shot from Dark Horse Podcast 103 on Apologies for any inconvenience.

COVID Comedy--Links Updated

Note: the link on the video is now updated to start at the correct time. Apologies for any inconvenience. I had to laugh at  an article written by a COVID cultist over at  The Atlantic . Why do I say COVID cultist? The author wears an N95 mask outdoors by himself: check. Has a non-binary child: check. Refers to people who support traditional vaccines as anti-vaxxers: check. Still working from home: it sounds like it. Photo from Pixabay . The author, a 39-year-old, double-jabbed endurance athlete who mentions no comorbidities among his wife or young children, agonized over attending an out-of-state wedding. After much soul searching (that is, looking at people on social media out having a good time), he strapped on his N95 mask and ventured out. At the wedding, he was shocked to find people partying like politicians and celebrities do when they think the cameras are off. He shucked the mask and joined them . On returning home, he started feeling ill and got not one, not two, but THREE C

COVID Test Result is In

I don't have COVID.  On the one hand, it would have been a relief to have finally caught COVID and gotten natural antibodies, especially from having a mild case of it. On the other hand, I was concerned about my dog catching it from me (he's healthy, but nine years old) and it might have interfered with Thanksgiving plans.  Until I'm well, I'll stay home.

I'm Taking Ivermectin while Awaiting COVID Test Results; My Chicken Soup Recipe

It hit me Sunday night. After feeling tired and a little congested for a few days, I went to bed with a sore throat. Monday, I called in sick. The next day, I took a COVID test at a CVS drive through, worked from home and decided to go to bed early. But that day, I saw this video on Pfizer's new antiviral pill. I'd seen some videos from this YouTuber, John Campbell, before--he's pretty gung-ho on COVID vaccines. So I was surprised to see him talking up ivermectin, and I'm even more surprised it's still on YouTube: he describes how ivermectin does exactly the same thing the new Pfizer antiviral pill does, plus inhibit COVID in five other ways. It looks like the new drug is "Pfizermectin," an antiviral without ivermectin's long safety record or low price. I had some ivermectin, purchased when I was enthusiastic about the stuff after watching episodes of the Dark Horse Podcast with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying. First, I made sure I could get more

COVID Vaccines Altering Blood Sugar, Electrolyte Balance

"My insulin requirements skyrocketed after being vaccinated," writes Steve Kirsch . Kirsch says he's a type 2 diabetic who controls his blood sugar with insulin, and didn't understand why his need for insulin suddenly changed. But he found a small study of people who used the Chinese SinoVac vaccine which showed healthy volunteers' HBA1C all went up--in some cases, to prediabetic levels . From the study, To our surprise, quite consistent increases in HbA1c levels were observed in healthy volunteers, regardless of whether they belonged to cohort A or B. By day 28 post the 1st inoculation, three out of 11 individuals reached the prediabetic range (Fig. ​(Fig.2c).2c ). By days 42 and 90, medium HbA1c levels appeared to revert back, yet were still significantly higher than those before vaccination. Kirsch isn't alone. Dr. Richard Bernstein, an author, researcher and clinician with type 1 diabetes who pioneered home blood sugar testing, says his blood sugar droppe

Vaccine Mandate Stayed in Court

Alex Berenson reports the 5th Circuit Court has issued an emergency stay of Biden's vaccine mandate. I'm celebrating with a fat, juicy mushroom Swiss burger, a green salad with full-fat Caesar dressing a some French lentil salad (need the prebiotic fiber!). Looks like the truckers will keep on hauling in dairy from Iowa (Kalona butter is the best!) and tasty produce from Mexico, since truckers have been declared exempt from the mandate.  There's a burger under there. Tonight, after moving some outdoor plants on this beautiful day, I'm putting on my Sassy Mauve lipstick and going out. The chin-strokers, the busybodies, the just-enough-booksmarts-to-cause-trouble coronabros who want clot shots for all and masks forever can kiss my behind.

Sloppy Studies; Lawsuits, Legislation over Vaccine Mandates

Alleged Faking and Frenzy on Pfizer Study A Pfizer researcher has blown the whistle on the sloppy, helter-skelter practices at a contractor called Ventavia during the COVID vaccine trial. The British Medical Journal reports  regional director Brook Jackson's revelations: Falsifying data Employing inadequately trained vaccinators Delay in following up on adverse events Overwhelmed staff Possible unblinding of participants Jackson reported the problems to the FDA, who never investigated them. Jackson was fired.  Vendors Lied: Volunteers Wrecked Meantime, researchers "did everything in their power to hide what happened" to Maddie de Garay, a trial participant. At age 12, Maddie participated in the Pfizer trial and received two doses of the vaccine. According to Maddie's mother, Stephanie de Garay, Trials have participants use an app to report specific adverse reactions, but the app doesn't have a way to report other reactions. Other reactions are reported to the stud