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Think your Canola Oil is Saving the Planet?

Not only that, but t he stuff in aerosol cans can explode . 

Getting Over Adrenal Fatigue

I've got it back, I'm feelin' better every day. Tell all those pencil pushers, better get outta my way. I'm doing well enough that I've worked out the past couple of days and started going for walks at lunch again--once when it was 14F (-10C). I'm cooling off at night now. It's good to put on my winter pajamas and pull up the covers. Adrenal cortex and hydrocortisone FTW! Here's what I've learned from my reading and experience: Minerals=>Adrenals=>Thyroid In other words: Sort out your minerals first: iron, magnesium, potassium and iodine. Salt your food to taste. If you think you have adrenal problems--being tired or wired at the wrong time of day, heart palpitations, frequent colds, sex hormone problems--take a 24-hour cortisol test. Sort out your adrenals--I use Seeking Health adrenal cortex; others use stuff with adrenaline in it, or "adaptogen herbs." The former gave me palpitations; I haven't tried the latter. I

Improvements on Milder Adrenal Medication

Changing my adrenal medication has done me some good. I'm now taking one that's just adrenal cortex. That's what the last one was supposed to be, but I'm sure it had adrenaline in it. I've been a lot less jittery and the heart pounding has all but stopped. It was so distracting when I was trying to sleep! I can't quit wholesale--I start catching cold every time I try. Even in the few days after I quit the one and waited for the other to arrive, I got cold and tired. So Saturday I had groceries delivered because I didn't feel like leaving the house. I filled up my online cart with about 20 items, then tried to change my address from work to home. I couldn't. The site said my home and work were in different regions. So I emptied the cart, changed the address, and started again. I got a pop-up message saying I'd changed my address--did I want to change it? I clicked yes, I wanted to change it. When I was ready to check out, there was my work address

Iatrogenic Condition?

Taking more adrenal and natural desiccated thyroid was a bad idea. I had an instinct Friday morning that I didn't want to take NDT, but I ignored it. All day and part of Saturday, I was jittery and my heart was pounding. I finally decided to follow my instincts, informed by reading and experience. I didn't take any NDT Saturday and didn't take any NDT or adrenal hormones today. I'm feeling better. I also quit doubling up on iron, since I've started feeling hot at night. There are times when it's better to have a specific plan, but this might not be one of them.