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"Trusting the Science" Cringe

"We trusted the science!" This is what I keep hearing when I watch videos made by vaccine victims' next of kin. I cringe every time. I have nothing but sympathy for little Maddie, now in a wheelchair after participating in one of the trials , and others like her . But science is a process , not a corporation, not a government committee, and not a product. It's done best dispassionately and without perverse incentives--not in the middle of a major panic. You need data to have science you can trust, and the data simply weren't there. Getting an experimental injection has no more to do with trusting the science than smoking on the advice of your doctor to lose weight or calm your nerves did back in the 50s.  Ah, but the vaccines were tested! In fact, they're still in the middle of phase 3 trials, which aren't scheduled to end for another two years. Pfizer's trial was unblinded at six months--meaning there's no longer a control group  that hasn't

Showdown! Will Vaccine Mandates Prevail?

As American readers know, our Uniter-in-Chief announced a vaccine mandate for companies employing over 100 people. The rule has been drafted by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and is now in review. It is expected to take effect in December--or to put it more plainly, millions of employees are supposed to be fired right before Christmas for the offense of being unvaccinated. Is this really going to happen?  The day after the announcement, I talked to my boss, who's one of the owners where I work. He's a certified public accountant who advises businesses on compliance. He predicted lots of lawsuits and workarounds; I didn't get the sense there were any plans to fire unvaccinated employees.  We've seen employers who've already issued mandates and claimed only 1% or so of their workforce left. But given the shortages, shutdowns, delays, rising prices, and rapidly rising wages for certain types of jobs, a 1% difference in the workforce beggars be

Protests over Vaccine Mandates

You wouldn't know it by looking at mainstream media, but millions of people around the world are protesting vaccine mandates, courageously facing water cannons, rubber bullets and beatings. In some countries, vaccine passports are required to go to your workplace; elsewhere, citizens have to send the government a selfie within minutes to show where they are. Proof of prior infection isn't accepted. Unvaccinated Australians are going to face steep fines simply for being unvaccinated. Link to video here .  The reporters in the video pose the question, Why aren't more Americans protesting in the streets? Part of the answer is cultural, but mostly, the answer is practical. Protests here don't accomplish anything--unless it's your union picketing and shutting down business. Several years ago, a movement called Occupy Wall Street camped out for months in cities around the country--they even camped out through the winter in Civic Center Park in Denver. They accomplished

Link to Banned Video on Vaccinated COVID Cases

If you got my last post by email, the link to Dr. Suneel Dhand's banned video didn't show up. Apparently, the email feed I use doesn't recognize videos unless they're on YouTube.  You can see Dr. Dhand's video at the link below--it's hosted on Odysee.

Lifestyle Medicine Getting Cancelled

There's an idea going around that cancel culture isn't real, and the only people being "cancelled" are racists and alt-right types and conspiracy theorists. How do you know this is correct? Why, their opponents and the media outlets that deplatformed them tell you so! It's circular logic.   Likewise, people looking down their noses at "Dr. Google" and their warnings--"don't get medical advice on social media!" Consider the source, though: doctors and media companies, both of whom (in many cases) take money from pharma. There's no conspiracy theory here; rather, it's realizing that trying to cure yourself by listening to people selling medications meant to be taken indefinitely is worse than asking a barber if you need a haircut.  Some doctors promoting effective lifestyle changes--not quackery--have been deplatformed. Dr. William Davis, the Wheat Belly author, has said in online meetups that TV shows no longer have him on as a gue

Pilot Push Back Against Vaccine Mandates

Maybe you've heard of doomsday cults: religious sects with charismatic leaders who predict the world will end by a certain date. Doomsday comes--but by some miracle, the world doesn't end. Neither does the cult--many members go on being members.  So it is with coronabros. We were all supposed to die of COVID (well, a bunch of us, anyway). Now that apostates have kept on living, left the cult and refuse to take the holy water, some of the cultists are coming unglued.  Southwest Airlines cancelled over 1,000 flights over the weekend. The word over at Unreported Truths is that there's a pilot sick-out over vaccine mandates, and pilots from other airlines are ready to join them. Some blue checky-check on Twitter called the sick-out "domestic terrorism." Silence is violence, and apparently so is not showing up for work. Other cultists want the president to fire them, apparently not realizing that Southwest Airlines is a private employer, nor that firing pilots wouldn

Links to Project Veritas COVID Vaccine Videos

If you were emailed the last post showing Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson scientists caught on camera talking about the vaccines, but the videos didn't show up, links are here: Project Veritas EXPOSES COVID Vaccine Part 3: "Kids Shouldn't Get a F****** Vaccine" Project Veritas EXPOSES COVID Vaccine Part 4: "Your Antibodies are Better than the Vaccination" Project Veritas is an investigative journalism organization.

Johnson & Johnson Scientists: Kids Shouldn't Get COVID Vaccines + More Bombshells

Bombshells from scientists about the COVID vaccines came out this week. Vaccine evangelists, take cover! Johnson & Johnson Scientists: Kids shouldn't get a f****** COVID vaccine Project Veritas filmed scientists from Johnson & Johnson saying that kids not only don't need COVID vaccines, but pointing out the lack off long-term data.  Pfizer Scientists: Your antibodies are probably better than the vaccine In a separate video, Pfizer scientists explain how immunity from infection is probably better than vaccination.  Oxford: Jabs have modest, rapidly dwindling effect on delta transmission Across the pond, Oxford scientists studied how Pfizer and AstraZenica vaccines affected delta variant transmission by analyzing data from 139,164 contacts of 95,716 people infected with COVID in the United Kingdom. Nature says,  The study shows that people who become infected with the Delta variant are less likely to pass the virus to their close contacts if they have alre

Medical Tourism to Appalachia? + Cool Stuff & New Blogger

Medical Tourism Many of us who direct our own health care get lab tests to see our levels of vitamin D, triglycerides, hormones, etc. Living here in freewheeling Indiana, I can order my own, but at least one member of Dr. Davis's Inner Circle drives from Pennsylvania to West Virginia for labs since Pennsylvania makes you get a doctor's permission slip. Coincidentally, one of my neighbors with special medical needs sees a doctor in Kentucky.  Photo from Pixabay . Others may be joining them in their medical tourism to Appalachia. New York's 80,000 health care vacancies, brought about by the new governor's vaccine mandate, are supposed to be filled by national guardsmen and health care workers with foreign or out-of-state licenses. There was already a shortage of health care workers, and there are bound to be inefficiencies in bringing in a bunch of new staff. Meantime, there are hospitals in Kentucky allowing health care workers to have weekly testing in lieu of vaccinati

Breakthroughs are Over One-Third of Cases & Deaths in Indiana

The magic is wearing off. Today, the Broadway musical Aladdin was canceled after " unnamed members in the musical’s cast and/or crew tested positive for COVID-19 ." The New York Post article doesn't say whether these were breakthrough cases, but considering they're theater people in New York City, they were surely all vaccinated. New York City also requires a vaccine pass just to go to a theater. It's more of those "rare breakthrough cases" we're now hearing about every day. I predicted about a month ago that cases would be traced to Broadway shows, but I thought it would be audience members from out of town getting COVID. New Yorkers have surely all had it or been exposed to it, giving them superior immunity, but maybe the cast or crew members who caught COVID rode out the city's wave on the West Coast or in the country.  A month ago I also started keeping track of breakthrough cases here in Indiana. Indiana's vaccine dashboard presents t