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Kamala Joins the Dietary Dictocrats

Kamala Harris discusses her stance on red meat and the US Dietary Guidelines. While she says she "love[s] cheeseburgers from time to time," she says she would change the Dietary Guidelines to reduce red meat specifically and introduce "incentives" to educate Americans about the environmental effects of what they eat. Kamala should have said she needed to study the issue more. In reality, the perennial grasses that cattle eat prevent runoff and help keep carbon in the ground. Some farmers like Allan Savory say that properly done grazing restores desert and reduces or eliminates the need for fertilizer. Cattle and other livestock can grow on land that's unsuitable for growing crops. And land lush with plants is cooler than desert--even my little suburban lot in Colorado, where the front yard was planted with flowers and bushes instead of lawn, felt a degree or two cooler than surrounding yards planted with water-sucking grass.  If you're not ea

It's Like they Want us to Stay Sick

Popping the Umcka Cold Care pills has made me feel a lot better. I'm still coughing, but no longer wondering if I should see someone. And what if I did see a doctor? According to official websites like the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and, you should "wash your hands," "use a humidifier," "wear a face mask," and "stop smoking" if you have bronchitis--which it says is "rarely" caused by infection. Are they writing this for people in Somalia? I already wash my hands and I've never smoked in my life. Use a humidifier? I live in Indiana, where it's so wet that we need de humidifiers. "Wear a face mask"? Why not put some leaches on, too? I work in an office in the US, not a construction site or the middle of a forest fire. Of course, the ubiquitous advice is "see your doctor." Which you'll need to do if you try to cure your bronchitis with hand washing and a face mask. "Stop smoking"

I Feel Like a Wind-Up Doll

I've always been a night owl. Look at my posts and you can see a pattern of them being written late at night. Yet lately it's been more pronounced. Saturday mornings, I can barely function. Today is Labor Day, and it's kind of like a Saturday. After sitting around watching Overboard and  Fluffy , playing with the dog and wondering if I should seek medical help, it was like someone wound me up at 8 PM. I mowed the lawn, finished the ironing and made low-carb cookies. I feel like I could go  "diggin' ditches through an isthmus, and rough ridin' down to Cuba like 'What's up bitches!'"   I'd love to feel like this during the day so I could get more done and then sleep at night. That, and not feel like I need medical help for the first 12 hours of the day. I'm going to take an adrenal function test next weekend and hope that sheds some light on my problems. Maybe part of my problem is that I still have bronchitis I caught July 4. However