Monday, April 20, 2015

My Dog is Smarter than your Dietician

Dieticians might recommend plenty of healthy whole grains and low-fat products (maybe even "good fats" from plants if they're progressive), but my dog, Molly, knows better. Like me, she follows a low-carb diet of mostly meat, eggs and fibrous vegetables, along with vitamins. At her vet visit this weekend, she was down three pounds (though still a little chubby) and had clean, healthy teeth. The vet said she sees a lot of slimy teeth--but not on Molly. Molly's wisdom:

  • Vegetables are fine for a snack, but meat and eggs are best for a meal.
  • Food is supposed to be enjoyed!
  • Brush your teeth and avoid sweet and starchy foods. I'm looking at you, paleo bro.
  • Have a weekly treat. 
  • Get some exercise, but don't strain yourself. Get off the treadmill when you're tired of it.
  • Sleep when you're tired.
  • The right vitamins will make you feel good.
  • Ignore yappy little dogs. 
  • Eat real food, mostly animals, but not too much.


Lowcarb team member said...

Way to go 'Molly'

I get most annoyed, and dismayed, when you see how some dog owners feed their pets.

Pets need real food too.

Have a good week Lori,

All the best Jan

Larcana said...

Molly is a smart doggy, same for my Otis. He will politely take a broccoli stem and then place it on the floor.
I feed him a meat diet and no fat, sickness or bad teeth. He is 5 now and has only check-ups and shots. The Vet is mystified. Ha ha!

Lori Miller said...

Molly likes sliced broccoli stems, but she throws them on the floor if she wants a real breakfast or dinner.

tess said...

:-D Spenser loves his broccoli stems, too! his cabbage hearts and cauliflower "trimmies," ... he's a real brassica fiend.

Lori Miller said...

Molly will stand on her hind legs for a chunk of cabbage.

JanKnitz said...


So why do they put all those whole grains and veggies in commercial dog food???

Our dog eats around veggies.

Lori Miller said...

As the chickadees who live in my yard say, "Cheap! Cheap!

Kelley said...

Your dog has twice the common sense of most humans! When you see some of the silly gimmicky diets in magazines or out there on the internet I'm beginning to think we'd all be better off if we just listened to Molly. She keeps it simple too for the benefit of we members of the less intelligent species!

Kelley @ The Whole Hound

Lori Miller said...

Glad you enjoyed the post!