Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cereal Killers Documentary Reaches Milestone; Breakfast without Cereal

Re: the movie Cereal Killers, a documentary about a man who starts researching heart disease and puts his own hypothesis to the test, has reached a milestone. This just in:

We are delighted to report that Cereal Killers has reached the 100% funding milestone on kickstarter folks!

To each and every one of the 183 persons who have carried us over the line and into new terrain - THANK YOU!

SO...What happens next?

Well for us, we just take a deep breath and we keep going....
The momentum, awareness and goodwill generated by a successful kickstarter campaign is only bettered by a super successful kickstarter campaign. Sometimes projects REALLY catch fire and that's where we're aiming next.
Kickstarter promotes projects that look like they're gonna take off, and they do that based on the number of pledges and the hype a project is creating on the internet.
Now that we have reached our target, every £1 pledge or tweet or facebook share adds weight to our visibility where it matters.
We have 11 days to make the most of all this, so we're getting back to work to make your pledge work harder for Cereal Killers.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie.

So if you're not eating cereal (or toast, or bagels, or pastries or "heart-healthy-whole-grain-oatmeal") for breakfast, what's left to eat? What about a BLT without bread? If you don't like vegetables, maybe you've never tried any from a farmer's market or someone's back yard. The taste and texture are very different from what passes for lettuce and tomato from the grocery store or most restaurants.

BLT without bread. Homemade mayonnaise (recipe here) at right.
Yesterday, my mother asked me to pick up some bread for my father. Sorry, no can do. I'm not getting sugar for a diabetic. Instead, I made them a loaf of coconut flour bread (it's mostly eggs and butter; recipe from Cooking with Coconut Flour by Bruce Fife). My father hasn't tried it yet, but my mother liked it and remarked how filling it was.

But some people really, really love to have cereal. Mom is such a person, so I made her a hot "cereal" mix of flax seeds, coconut and ground almonds (recipe from Wheat Belly by William Davis--click for a bunch of his recipes). It was a bit more work than throwing a box of cereal in a cart, but again, it's filling and it isn't a box of flour and sugar that will raise her blood sugar.


Lowcarb team member said...

Your BLT without bread looks great, we had something similar for lunch, just love salads.
You are doing your mom and dad proud with the low carb food, great idea to make your own "cereal" it is so worth it. Shame more people do not take this view. What is 15 minutes extra on a day to provide great tasting low carb food. We are all worth it surely?

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

Thanks, Jan. I know it's a cliche, but the time and money spent on nutritious food is an excellent investment.