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Human Augmentation? Hmmm.

Robert Malone posted an article on human augmentation taken straight from a report on a UK government website. Human augmentations are genetic modification, gut microbiome manipulation, invasive brain interfaces, pharmaceuticals, and powered semi-invasive exoskeletons, among other things. The report explores defense applications--in other words, making soldiers more like orcs or the Borg, and the writers go so far as to express a moral imperative to do this in the name of national defense. I've only skimmed through the report. It discusses breaking down legal barriers to things like genetic modification of humans, but I didn't see anything about why those barriers exist. Nor anything on huge failures in--well, genetic manipulation of wheat, understanding and fixing the gut microbiome, and psycho-pharmaceuticals. They can't even fix depression, your intestines or the food supply, things  they ought to master before playing Dr. Frankenstein.

As creepy as all of this is, maybe there is a use for human augmentation. Putting a brain interface into leaders that counteracts delusions of grandeur and that makes them follow their country's Constitution and human rights laws might make for better government. Add a feature that produces frequent, moderately unpleasant dreams of how grand plans have turned out through history: millions dead from COVID and lockdowns after a probable lab leak from a government-sponsored experiment; tens of millions dead and imprisoned because of communism in the USSR; tens of millions starved to death in the Great Leap Forward; untold millions suffering from heart disease and diabetes after the USDA told people what to eat. It could be a new check on the grand plans the anointed want to foist on society.

Kidding aside, the grand planners will hopefully use themselves and not the rest of us as guinea pigs. What I suspect would happen after having your brain manipulated is what happens when people are controlled for a long enough period--and yes, it'll be used for control: they'll get depressed, anxious and unable to make decisions. Is groupthink bad now? Imagine how it'll be when people are connected like the Borg. Ah, but people will resist! Not if cranks and loners are genetically modified out of existence. It'll be the new eugenics to make an agreeable, conscientious, compliant population. It'll be a bit like Psychopass. Spoiler alert below the video.

Spoiler: Sybil was run by psychopaths.

Photo from Pixabay.


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