Friday, June 21, 2013

Hot Ex-Vegans; Donal O'Neill Can Turn a Phrase

If you read Fathead, you've heard of and the documentary Cereal Killers. But if you didn't follow the links, you've missed out on some great stuff.

Want some eye candy or a good laugh? You must check out The site is a directory of "ex-vegans" and "vegan sell-outs" that names names gives the cities, descriptions and photographs of vegan apostates.

Where can I meet one of these ex-vegan guys? Most of them look like magazine models and sound more interesting than dating site bios that try to sound interesting. Raw Brahs, San Diego: "Pretty boys who make videos famous-for-being-famous but not much more." Sean Dunaway, Las Vegas: "Originator of 30 bananas a day sucks.   Was vegan and 'got too skinny' so is now a meat-eater and body builder.  This guy plays favorites on the forum and takes sides.  He is  very cruel how he socially manipulates the forum and you get a sick feeling around him .  He encourages no judgement but then is the most judgmental and nepotistic tyrant there.  Carnal, cruel, cunning, status-climbing, hitting on women.  A convicted hacker and felon.  If he was gentle as a vegan what could have possibly happened since then?" Ah, there's something about a good boy who's gone bad.

The site is so earnest that it makes me wonder if it's really a joke. "Now eats pure murder," it says of Chris Kresser. Athlete Devon Crosby Helms must be a liar or a malingerer: "She also claimed a long list of bogus health ailments. Maybe these ex-vegans should keep it realistic and keep it to one or two ailments." The webmaster even outed her roommate: "Found her on Craigslist and when looking for a STRICT vegan roommate. Seven months later she started eating meat again and leaving dead corpses in the fridge even though we AGREED to have a totally animal-product free household." Emphasis in original.

EDITED TO ADD: New entry: "Sheryl was one of my best fiends from college and we shared our beliefs about food and animal rights. Whe she married her husband Ricardo Busatamante she began to eat seafood and even meat in occasions. I just want to sell her out for preferring her husband over me and changing a healthy lifestyle for one where the murdering of poor animals is acceptable." OK, this site has to be a joke--and it's hilarious and brilliant. People have been ostracized and even threatened for leaving the Holy Church of Veganism, and this site can, I hope, make them laugh and reach out to others like themselves.


Donal O'Neill, marketer, former athlete and now a filmmaker, has one of the best-written low-carb blogs I've seen: Some lines from his posts: "Wasn’t Ancel Keys a member of Guns n Roses?"  "I started spending hours in the Pub. Pubmed that is." "Humble apologies mother. You were right after all." "The benefits of exercise are wide, varied and certainly compelling, but over time you simply cannot outperform a poor diet." "Avoidance of illness is your job. You get to listen to whomever you want and try anything you care to. But know this – YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN." If you want to help get the word out about the documentary, you can help fund it at


Anonymous said...

Love John Briffa! Even the hair.

Looks like another blog for the Carbsaner bloglist!

Thanks, Lori :)

Lori Miller said...

Tom Naughton said that Moses couldn't part that hair.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love Tom Naughton too!
All John Briffa needs is a nerdigan :)

tess said...

nope, Donal won't be one of the blogs i read -- unless he changes his gawdawful baby-blue-on-white page format!!! i could go blind....

Lori Miller said...

It is pretty low-contrast.