Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Thinking Person's Halloween Movies

As much as I love movies and TV shows like Harry Potter, Moonlight, and The Dresden Files, it's refreshing to watch a suspenseful movie without ghoulies or ghosties or long-legged beasties, where the dead stay dead and the most rational person in the room stays alive. I bring this up since low-carbers tend to be thinkers and rationalists who might enjoy these movies as much as I do. A few of my favorites:

Call Northside 777. Based on a true story about a man wrongly convicted of killing a policeman. For reference, the $5,000 reward that the man's mother earned scrubbing floors is worth almost $50,000 today.

Gaslight. Paula is innocent, too, but her conniving husband wants her to think she's losing her mind. If you've ever heard the term "being gaslighted," this is the movie where it comes from.

Coma. Afraid of doctors or hospitals? This movie should give you a good scare.

Nancy Drew. Something lighter: a smart, nerdy young heroine solves an old mystery.

Zodiac. Another smart, nerdy young person is on the case! Based on the true story of a private citizen's long hunt for a serial killer.


Lowcarb team member said...

"I bring this up since low-carbers tend to be thinkers and rationalists"

Like that statement Lori.

Some seem to go overboard on Halloween here in the UK whilst others just seem to let in pass by.........

My family are split in two. Some have got their costumes ready, whilst others have just got a nice bottle of wine to go with some extremely nice tasting Stilton Cheese. Can you guess my preference?

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

Ha! Maybe you'll watch a movie while you enjoy your cheese and wine?