Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New Diet: How it's Going

Saturday I started a new diet to heal my cavities. It involves eating mostly foods high in vitamins A, D and K (fat-soluble vitamins) and calcium and phosphorus. I'm eating zero grains, but still eating a few chocolate candies (as in, three or so dark chocolate kisses per day) at work.

To that end, on Saturday I bought a quart each of half-and-half and cream, two dozen eggs, liver, several tins of sardines on sale, and a bunch of salad ingredients. It's Monday and I'm already down to eight eggs and I've gone through half the cream and half-and-half. (I still have three-fourths of a pie dish of low-carb flan I made tonight with the dairy and eggs, and I fed a few of the eggs to my dog.) There's liver thawing in the refrigerator for tomorrow night and a can of sardines in my lunch (I already ate one can of sardines Saturday when I wanted a quick, easy snack). In other words, it's been incredibly easy to eat this food.

I also changed my toothpaste to Xyliwhite(TM). It's very mild; you might try it if you have a sensitive mouth.

Results so far: before, I had little plaque on my teeth; now, it's practically nil. There's almost nothing to floss away, but I still do it. The dairy might be giving me a little congestion, but it's not painful.


Tonya said...

You should try chewing some gum with the main ingredient Xylitol, the brand Spry has it. You can get it at the Vitamin Shoppe. They've done studies that it helps tooth decay. Not kidding :D

Unfortunately, the sugar free gum you can get in the check-out line at most stores has Sorbitol as the main ingredient, and it does not help your teeth.

The Vitamin Shoppe also sells toothpaste with Xylitol. Click that link and it will take you to their website.

I'm sure you probably know that paleolithic people did not have dental caries (cavities). There's not a single one in any of the skeletons that they've found (that I know of). They all had perfect teeth. Which makes you wonder, right, since they probably didn't brush them. After agriculture is introduced, caries are rampant. Sugar and wheat are probably the primary culprits.

Lori Miller said...

Tonya, thanks for the tip. I don't enjoy chewing gum, but my new toothpaste has xylitol as the active ingredient. And I'm sure you're right that sugar and wheat aren't good for your teeth (among other things).

I've read in a number of places about the good teeth of our paleolithic ancestors. I don't eat perfectly, but my diet is mostly lacto-paleo now, the lacto part being full-fat dairy from pasture-raised cows and goats.