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Idiocracy 2022: the COVID Cult

With the COVID vaccines looking like they cause heart attacks and reduced sperm counts in young men, 2022 is playing out like the beginning of Idiocracy. (Warning: NSFW.)

Of course, Clevon doesn't represent all the vaccine refusers, but Trevor and Carol aren't necessarily smart about anything but test-taking and PowerPoint presentations.

These tweets from a few days ago are from someone of the same type, a professor of epidemiology. As such, he must know that masks haven't been shown to stop spread, airplanes are not significant COVID vectors, and a respirator (assuming it's fitted) should be more than adequate protection. And yet Professor Karen tweeted these: 

I'm a university graduate myself. But it was the Trevors and Carols and Professor Karens who brought about masking and lockdowns and mostly the Clevons who got us back to normal. Not that I'd recommend Clevon's lifestyle--I'm related to a few Clevons myself. But Trevor, Carol and the professor have about as much common sense combined as Clevon. And Clevon would never join the COVID cult. It goes to show that different people have different blind spots. 

Another professor, Richard Wiseman, has four tips to avoid being brainwashed in his book Paranormality: Why we See what isn't There. The COVID cult is a belief in scientism, not the paranormal, but the tips are still good. The parts in brackets are my comments.

Do you feel as if the 'foot in the door' technique might be at work? Did the organization or person start by asking you to carry out small acts of commitment or devotion, and then slowly increase their requirements? [Like how two weeks to slow the spread turned into two years to flatten society.]

Be wary of any organization that attempts to distance you from a dissenting point of view. Are they trying to cut you off from friends and family? Within the organization, is dissent and open discussion squashed? If the answer to either of these questions is 'yes', think carefully about any involvement. [Old people were cut off from caregivers--some died of neglect. Facebook shut down vaccine injury support groups, Twitter is still banning criticisms of Pfizer propaganda, and mainstream media called for mass firings and quarantine of the unvaccinated and even printed messages wishing death on them.]

Does the leader of the organization claim to be able to achieve paranormal miracles? Perhaps healings or acts of prophesy? However impressive, these are likely to be the result of self-delusion or deception. Don't be swayed by supernatural phenomena until you have investigated them yourself. [Remember the forecasts elite institutions made based on code that "looked like a plate of spaghetti" that turned out to be wildly pessimistic? And the shots that were supposed to end the pandemic?]

Does the organization require any painful, difficult or humiliating initiation rituals? [Like being forced on pain of losing your job to take part in a medical experiment?] Remember that these may well be designed to manufacture an increased sense of group allegiance. Ask yourself whether any suffering is really needed.

Of course, anybody still in the COVID cult is unlikely to leave. It's just something to think about if you're considering donating to a university or forking over six figures' tuition to an institution that ignores applied science and breeds prigs. It may be the only thing some of the cultists end up breeding!


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