Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pictures of your Fridge? I Want to See your Medicine Cabinet

My refrigerator:

Ox cheek and homemade mushroom soup in the containers. Bacon and liver sausage in the meat drawer. 
My freezer:

Black angus beef.
My pantry:

Note the coffee, jalapeno peppers and full-fat coconut milk--so-called "trigger foods" for acid reflux, which I had until I started a low-carb diet. 

My medicine cabinet:

All the medicine I own, aside from some Neosporin. I just threw out a bunch of decongestants and Pepto Bismal that expired years ago. The aspirin shown expired nearly two years ago. The toothpaste is for a cavity that started forming last year when I was stressed out and wasn't taking extra-good care of myself. 


Running Stitches said...

I'm jealous of the minimalist primal approach to your fridge and medicine cabinet. I've been decluttering and organizing my own home. The problem is my adult children still at home. They put their prepackaged groceries/take-out containers in my fridge and pantry.

Larcana said...

I have pretty much the same thing going on...but there are non-gf foods for my hubby..
Medicine? I only take hormone replacement and tylenol for my left bum knee. Hubby has Flonase and Pamprin....yes he likes the antihistamine in Pampering to let him sleep if he is really wound up.
Otherwise we have band-aids for boo boos.
Life is good.

Lori Miller said...

The house in general has been so much easier to keep clean since I decided I didn't need so much stuff. As for the medicine cabinet, there's just not that much stuff I need.

That's funny about the Pamprin--I didn't know it was an antihistamine. (Last time I took an antihistamine, I got on the bus after work and ended up several stops away from home.)

Lowcarb team member said...

Our fridge has all foods that are LCHF...... looks very inviting every time I open it !

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

I've seen photos of your meals--no doubt your fridge does look inviting.