Friday, February 22, 2013

Stimulation to De-Stress

I constantly hear about ways to relax--but what about stimulation? Most of us go to school and study a lot of subjects we're not interested in, or have routine jobs, housework and commutes. Maybe we hear more about relaxation because highly sponsored things like TV, movies, and shopping are more passive than stimulating. We all need something fun and exciting--something with flow. A few ideas that have worked for me:

Get a dog. Mine is half Australian shepherd, and she squeals when I come home, hollers when we're leaving the house, gets me out of bed, runs on the treadmill, rolls in the snow and swims in the river. Now she's trying to catch flies. Even if you have a small yard and a full-time job, the life you'd give a dog would probably be better than the one it has at a shelter.

Go kayaking or rafting. Worries vanish when you're looking for the next wave or waterfall.

Take up dancing, preferably something you can do at a club, not just at a studio. For that matter, just take the classes at a club: you'll save a ton of money.

Find new music. If you've been listening to the same music since high school, isn't it time for something else (or find a new variation on an old theme)? I find most of my new music on YouTube (Polysics, Fergie, The Hives, Liam Lynch, Scotty Vanity).

Talk to random people.

Go to a strange city (do it! do it! do it!)

Take a part-time or temp job if you have the time. Taking incoming calls, planting seed trays, moving appliances--these were some of the most fun jobs I ever had. At the least, you'll make some rainy day money. (Go to school instead and you might end up with student loans and half a degree.) I know community service is more fashionable, but think of a job as something that is so important that someone is willing to pay for it.

Do some gardening. Digging, feeling the sunshine and fresh air, working up a sweat and watching your plants grow is satisfying.


tess said...

good ideas, and a fun video! that was you, right? ;-)

Lori Miller said...

Thanks! You pay me a great compliment, but that's Tiffiny Wine, dance teacher and American Lindy Hop national champion.