Thursday, February 28, 2013

Salt when you Travel

Maybe it's just the places where I eat, but restaurants seem to be putting less and less salt on their food. If you're not home, it's a bit of a problem if you find yourself low on salt: lethargic, nauseated, having a headache--kind of like having a cold, but without the congestion. What to do?

  • Grab a bunch of salt packets at fast food restaurants. 
  • Get a personal salt lick. Weighing in at five to seven pounds, it can double as a free weight and a weapon that would sail through TSA inspections.
  • Sears, of all places, sells salt pinch tins.
  • My choice is a pump salt mill produced by Vic Firth. It's the size of a small flashlight and heavy for its size. It'll fit in a small purse and it doesn't look like it would leak or get caught on anything.

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