Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taubes, Denver Dentist: Big Sugar Bought Influence

Sweetened tea is good for you? Handouts for dental patients that don't mention restricting sugar? Controlling diabetes by eating less fat? None of these recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, Prevention's National Diabetes Education Program and a health guru & author made any sense to Denver dentist Cristen Kearns Couzens. But instead of drinking the Kool-Aid, she researched how nonsense became policy.

After quitting her job to do her research full time, Couzens uncovered evidence documenting specious industry-sponsored studies and boards staffed with members friendly to (that is, paid by) the sugar industry. Last year, she contacted Gary Taubes at a lecture in Denver, and the two have written an article for Mother Jones magazine.

Need some humor? Check out vintage ads touting sugar as a weight loss tool.
Slideshow: "Enjoy an Ice Cream Cone Shortly before Lunch"

Articles in Morther Jones magazine:
Big Sugar's Sweet Little Lies
How a Former Dentist Drilled the Sugar Industry
A Timeline of Sugar Spin
Document Drive: What's Inside the Sugar Industry's Filing Cabinets?

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