Sunday, December 25, 2011

Food, Dance and How to Lose Weight

Merry Christmas! It's the second anniversary of Pain, Pain, Go Away! Thanks to fellow bloggers, researchers and authors, this Christmas I'm feeling a mile better than I was two years ago. (See my posts on root canals if you're interested.) I hope all my readers are well, too.

My polite responses were put to the test when my mother gave me a box of chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. This, from the woman with a serious case of diabetes, who complains about Dad always pushing high-carb food at her.

Me: "Um, I really shouldn't be eating these."
Mom: "But I've always gotten you those for Christmas."

I left them at a party later that night. No, I didn't have any.

Everybody danced at the party, and I was anxious to see the teenagers' hip hop moves since I've decided to learn the dance. The teenagers did the Charleston, suzie Qs, and a bunch of other 90-year-old African dance moves I already know. Maybe that will make it easier to learn this by Laurieann Gibson:

I bought one of Gibson's instructional DVDs and a solo salsa DVD for myself for Christmas. Looking around for DVDs, a lot of them were billed as "cardio dance." If you're new to the low-carb world, forget about losing weight or keeping it off with cardio, dance, or any other exercise. Unless you're going to spend hours every day dancing, you won't burn enough calories to make a difference. Just lay off the sweets, sodas, fruit and fruit juice, potatoes, pasta, bread and other sugary and starchy foods, and that will probably be enough to see weight loss. Take dance lessons or get a gym membership because you love it. 


Chuck said...

it's funny you wrote this. i have been looking for a hip hop dance class for adults and hve had no luck. my daughter got a dance game for the XBox Kinect for xmas. hip hop dancing is great exercise. such high energy and great for the joints.

Lori Miller said...

I got the Breakin' it Down DVD from Amazon.