Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bug is Back

I was *this close* to being over my sinus infection. I was well enough to spend an afternoon at a fair and go out dancing. The next day, though, when the antibiotics were out of my system, my energy left and my cough came back.

Again: good diet does not conquer all; we can't heal ourselves against every bug. Consider how many Native Americans died of diseases when Europeans reached North America. Consider how much faster bacteria and viruses mutate than we do. This is a clever bug I have: it's held on through a course of antibiotics, yet it isn't strong enough to kill its host. Why me? Long ago, a scan showed I have only seven sinuses: they have to do the work of eight. And I've had some unhappiness at work. All my sinus infections have come when I was especially stressed at work or school.

What to do? My nurse suggested giving myself a chance to heal using nasal washes. I already tried that. As much as I believe a good diet helps make you healthy, my observation was that good diet and clean living weren't enough in this case. Ignoring this would have been more Mary Baker Eddy than Mary Dan Eades--more faith healing than science. It's back to the antibiotics, and I'm about 90% well. My stomach, though, normally as tough as cast iron, didn't feel good this time. Probiotics helped. If this round of antibiotics doesn't help, I'll be back for more--unless I get a bright idea.


Kikilula said...

I like aromatherapy as a treatment for sinusitis.

Inhalation with thyme oil, lavender oil, and niaouli oil - one drop each.

Or 25 ml almond oil with 6 drops Lavender oil, 3 drops peppermit oil, 3 drops laurel oil and 3 drops eucalyptus oil used topical on the hurting spots on your face a few times a day.

Lori Miller said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Kikilula. I used some Carmex on my nasal passages--it seems to help on the odd occasion when I'm congested.