Sunday, February 13, 2011

Low Energy? My Big Suggestions

What a wonderful day to live in Denver. The ground might have been covered with snow, but it was sunny and seventy degrees (about 20C) and hundreds of people and dozens of dogs went walking or running in Washington Park (left). My dog, Molly, even played in the snow to cool off. It was warm enough to wear a t-shirt, drive with the windows down and flirt at stoplights.

When the sun goes down, another great reason to live in Denver is the swing dance scene, if you're into that. You can lindy hop four nights a week in Denver; more if you're willing to drive to Boulder or Colorado Springs.

Of course, it takes energy to enjoy long walks and lindy hopping on a school night. My best suggestions for increasing your energy if it's flagging: stop eating sugar and flour. Start eating a high-fat, adequate protein, high-nutrient diet. Eat when you're hungry, rest when you're tired. If there's still no wind in your sails after two weeks, look into which vitamins and minerals you might be low on. And if that doesn't work, see a doctor--you may have a hormonal problem or an illness.

That's it--my big suggestions. But that was enough to allow me to give up four-hour naps on Sundays and early bedtimes on dance nights.

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