Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things I've Neglected Since Reducing Carbs

Back in January, I stopped eating wheat (except for a few cookies on Sundays) and in February I cut back on sugars in all forms. A few weeks ago, I cut out starchy, sugary foods like fruit, potatoes, beans, yogurt, and Odwalla protein drinks that pack 40 grams of sugar per bottle from my diet. Along with neglecting carbs, I've been neglecting a few other things:

  • Sudafed. I can't remember the last one I took.
  • Ibuprofin. I've had two tablets in the past several weeks; I used to take them almost daily.
  • Gas-X (a gas reducer).
  • Zantac (an acid reducer).
  • My chiropracter.
  • Trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour. When you can whiz through the day on seven hours' sleep, and get by on six, why go to bed early?
  • Four-hour naps on Sunday afternoons. See above.
  • Weighing myself. My sagging jeans tell me I'm losing fat.
  • Expensive skin care products. I don't know whether my skin is that much better or my priorities have changed, but buying anything fancier than drug store sunscreen or lotion seems crazy now.
  • Mascara. See above.
  • Diet drinks. The other night I bought a SoBe Lean Green Tea, which I used to love, and found it had a chemical taste and slick feel to it. And I haven't touched a diet Dr. Pepper in months.
  • Daily workouts. I still work out just as hard, but not six days a week.

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