GoFundMe Springing Arrestees; Rooftop Koreans Make a Comeback

While looters, rioters, arsonists, and murderers are devastating cities, GoFundMe is bailing them out. For offshore readers,

Bail is a process by which you pay a set amount of money to obtain your release from police custody. As part of your release, you promise to appear in court for all of your scheduled criminal proceedings. If you show up to court as promised, the bail amount will be returned. If not, you will be subject to arrest and you will forfeit the bail amount.
Judges consider various factors in setting the bail amount. But a woke charity bailing you out isn't one of them. I live in Indianapolis where bail is so low as to be meaningless. It's all the police can do to re-catch criminals and put them back in jail. One of those criminals got out on $25 bail after carjacking my neighbor--and came back and did it again. A neighbor posted his jail paperwork online, I found out where he lived, and someone else called the landlord, who threw him out since he wasn't on …

Barbarians, Virus Ejected

Looks like the pandemic is over. So it would seem, now that we're no longer being lectured to stay home or "wait two weeks! The protestors will all be in the hospital!"

The "protests" here are astroturf. People in Indianapolis don't protest things that happen in Minnesota. There was a protest here about a local the police shot--a man speeding, running red lights, then allegedly firing on the police. Both the officer and suspect were black. But the protest was weeks ago and mostly peaceful. The people tearing up downtown this weekend were--well, you be the judge. Note the 404 phone number below isn't local.

Today, the police here warned people to stay out of downtown. The mayor set a city-wide 8 PM curfew whose violation carries a $10,000 fine and six months in jail; it showed up as an emergency alert on every cell phone in the county. The governor put the National Guard on standby. They closed inbound traffic into downtown. Protest organizers warned pe…

Flowers and Iron

This weekend, I was well enough to wear myself out doing landscape projects. I added to my shade garden, then spaded up an 8x30 foot plot on the corner. The next day, I put down some old bed sheets donated by a neighbor, weighted them down with bricks, and started setting out a hundred home-grown perennials in Xs cut in the sheets. It was hot, sunny and humid. Halfway through, a storm was coming. I worried the sheets would billow up in the wind and break some of the plants, so I threw down two bags of mulch, grabbed the clothes off the line, went inside and watched the rain come down in sheets. When it stopped I finished planting, looking like someone from Dirty Jobs when it was over.

Being too tired to cook, I got a low-carb burger and small fries at the drive-through and came back home. In spite of two days' hard work, from the street, the house looked like hippies lived there: tall grass, a missing picket, and of course the bed sheets and plants that were all either little or …

Leaving Quarantine

It just felt like it was time. I was feeling better, I needed a few things, I went to the drug store. I wore a mask since I'm still coughing a little. I'm as likely to end up in the hospital from COVID-19 as I was from the flu for the season that just ended, according to the CDC.

The store was sold out of a lot of makeup and most of the shower gel was in a locked case, oddly enough. There was plexiglass between me and the clerk and a sign that said "no cash back" (not uncommon around here). I got some toiletries, food, and stuff to make magnesium water. Traffic was normal.

I feel better than I did just a few days ago. Saturday, I cut my hair, then put in my garden even though I really didn't feel up to it and needed lots of breaks. I was sure I wouldn't be able to spade up the area next to the sidewalk to put in a flower garden, but I think can this Friday when I'm off. Going by some puffiness and a little weight gain, I must have overdone the cortisol p…

COVID Declining, Biofilms and Tyranny under Attack

Biofilms These aren't documentaries on the Biography channel, but formations of bacteria, viruses and other toxins that protect themselves from antibiotics and your immune system with a gooey outer layer. They can keep you sick for months, and they're hard to dislodge. Biofilm disruptors attack that outer layer, leaving the toxins wide open. When certain toxins die, they release other toxins your system has to deal with. This is called a die-off reaction, and it can also last for weeks or even months by some accounts.

I didn't even realize I was embarking on a biofilm bust until I caught cold the day after I started taking lactoferrin for my low TIBC (total iron blood count). Lactoferrin coats iron and taxis it to your cells, starving the bad bacteria of it. There are other ways it helps your immune functions, too. It's a natural substance found mostly in milk; it's anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

I don't think I caught cold from being around other…

Farm to Fork Beef in Oklahoma

By popular demand due to meat packing plants closing, the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association has published a list of ranchers selling directly to consumers.

In other news, Texans put "Welcome to Texas" signs around Oklahoma so that Californians will move there instead.

COVID19 Infecting the Quarantined

Another person in quarantine has gotten coronavirus--this one is a city councilwoman here in Indianapolis. She says she and her husband disinfect all their perishable food, watch church services online and stay at home.

She's not alone. Among COVID patients going to the hospital in New York, 66% have been sheltering at home and avoiding the subway.

Meantime, Jacksonville, Florida opened their beaches April 17 to limited activities with social distancing. Doomers predicted--well, doom. Unacast (who gave Wyoming an F for social distancing) gave the county a D+ for social distancing. But the county saw emergency room visits for COVID-like illness, flu-like illness, cough-related illness and fever drop. Of illnesses reported, only shortness of breath stayed about the same. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants an apology from the doomers.

What's going on? Maybe in some places, people in quarantine are about the only people left to infect. Maybe it's that they stay indoors--rese…