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Thyroid Frustrations

I'm still trying to get my thyroid dosage straight. It isn't easy.

I had my thyroid tested a few weeks ago. Free T3 and Free T4 were high; so was reverse T3. The good news: antibodies were very low.

So I quit taking thyroid medication for a number of days until I started feeling shaky and nervous...the same symptoms you get when your thyroid is too high.

Using the basal temperature method from Dr. Broda Barnes, I tried assessing my thyroid status by taking my morning temperature. My temperature has run low, yet when I take thyroid medication, I get jittery.

I'm now going to try going by instinct. My instinct say my thyroid is too high, regardless of my low temperature. I remember reading long ago that being on a low-carb diet tended to lower your temperature, but I can't find any reference. In any case, I don't feel cold.

The other frustration is that I have a lot of work to do outdoors--my garage needs the paint scraped, the window fixed, the termite damage epoxi…
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Too Much Adrenaline!

This has not been a good time to deal with adrenal problems: riots, shootings, and coronavirus concerns in some states. At least I'm in Indianapolis where coronavirus is tanking and protests have been peaceful since rioters were tear-gassed and pepper sprayed. The poor McCloskeys are in St. Louis, which is a violent city even on a good day. One would think they'd have had a plan for a riot--at least, I hope their plan wasn't going outside and shouting at a mob. We should all have a plan these days.

Since getting well, I've had to figure out a new dose for my adrenal medicine. Since too much or too little iron, adrenal medicine and thyroid medicine can produce similar symptoms, it's been hard. I'm going to start low and go slow, just like with thyroid dosage.

I felt well enough today to get some exercise. It's been so long--years!--since having a regular workout that my muscles are weak. But at least I felt up to it--and I even felt like washing windows!

I …

The Email NOBODY Sent

At Wokefield, LLC, we care about the community. To show our commitment, we're opening locations  in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Baltimore, hiring from within those communities and paying moving expenses for employees to transfer there. Many of our employees have expressed a deep desire to move their families from the sedate suburbs to hard-hit places where they can make an impact. We're known for being contrarians here at Wokefield, and we're moving into markets everyone else is fleeing from.

We're also deciding where to move our headquarters in Omaha: it will be either New York City or San Francisco. It's time to make a bold move!

Wokefield is currently hiring truck drivers and security guards willing to work in no-go zones. Adventure seekers, apply now!

Laughs about LARPing in Washington State

"In a world within our world they created a world unlike any other world."

I don't know whether the people who've taken over a few blocks in Seattle are mostly LARPing (live action role playing). Youtubers Tim Pool and Styxhexenhammer666 think so. I just know I needed a break from all bad news.

The movie Knights of Badassdom gives us a look at LARPing and it's knee-slapping funny. It's free on Amazon Prime.

Cops Boot Agitators, Dance with Civilians

What the world needs: more dancing, more cooperation and conversation, less agitation.

Such was the scene after protests in Lincoln, Nebraska that were "hijacked by bad actors and agitators," according to the mayor.  Rioters threw rocks, bottles and razor blades at police, injuring several of them. Vandals and arsonists did tens of millions of dollars in damage and the National Guard was called out. Scores of people were arrested--some some of them were from outside Nebraska. It's an hour's drive from Lincoln to the nearest state. The nearest major cities outside Nebraska--Des Moines and Kansas City--are three hours away.

The mayor issued a curfew that, it seems, enabled the police to get the bad actors out of the way. They started having "difficult and necessary conversations," and agreed to continue those conversations with the community every month.

I hope it works. In any case, it looks like the people who want to defund the police--yes, that's a t…

Are Paid Rioters Real? Sheriff Grady has the Receipts

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida gave a press conference a few days ago putting citizens and professional rioters alike on notice, showing pictures of someone in professional riot gear and what looked like a staged accident.

"This guy has a professional mask on, professional clothes that are designed to seal out pepper spray or any chemical agents. This person was here to create problems. Local police officers and deputies said we noticed cars with out-of-county and out-of-state plates. We saw that the antagonists that were at Florida(?) Boulevard, the ones that were generating the energy, were not local folks. They came here to do nothing to create problems.

"I want to show you this picture. You see the guy standing on top of the car? This red car supposedly bumped into or hit a protestor standing in the middle of the road. We still don't know who that protestor is. The city police have said over and over, if you were the victim, if you were hit, come forward…