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Quack Cures for Vax Injuries

The quacks failed dieters, they failed diabetics, they failed thyroid patients, and now they're failing the vaccine injured. Quack doctors--meaning most doctors--handle difficult, non-emergency cases like this:

  1. Question whether there's really a problem
  2. Run tests that almost always come back "normal"
  3. Suggest the problem is psychological, or somehow the patient's fault

Public health! Photo from Pexels.

Why can't they just admit they don't know? I listened to a meeting of vaccine-injured people where one seemed to think that doctors knew what the problem really was, but wouldn't say. No--they really don't know. When endocrinologists (hormone doctors) have no idea how to treat diabetes or thyroid problems, dead common hormonal conditions with good protocols established decades ago, they're not going to know about anything about a brand-new condition. 

Having suffered with headaches and GI problems doctors couldn't fix, I can understand why people try different concoctions...most of which don't do any more good than a visit to the doctor. Alex Berenson retweeted a picture of a "vax detox" protocol of some dozen pill bottles. One contained "bovine heart PMG extract"; you can buy a whole beef heart for the price of a bottle of the stuff. Another contained bovine adrenal, an ingredient not prominently displayed on the bottle. I've taken adrenal cortex. Based on that experience--heart palpitations and sweating at times-- I hope the person taking that is being monitored by someone who knows that they're doing (doubtful), especially if he has heart problems. 

Other comments during the meeting expressed the benefits of saline injections. These are literally placebos. To be fair, one person suffered from POTS (dizziness when you stand up quickly). Being dehydrated or low on salt can make you lightheaded, so maybe saline gives some real benefit to her, but it's nothing you couldn't get from a glass of water with a few pinches of salt. 

What can the vaccine injured do? They first have to understand their problems. From this article in Swiss Policy Research and this prescient article in Clinical Immunology, it sounds like at least some of the reactions might be autoimmune disorders. (Coincidentally, one of the authors of the second article wrote a book I reviewed here.) Saline solution and beef heart do not fix autoimmune conditions. 

Dr. Davis has a protocol for autoimmune conditions (but makes no claims about vaccine injuries). I don't think anybody knows if it would help vaccine injuries. Nevertheless, his protocol involves wheat and grain elimination, restoring vitamin D to healthy levels, correcting omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, managing bowel flora, eradicating SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and identifying any food sensitivities. None of these things are risky or as expensive as specialists or a medicine cabinet full of dubious supplements. He says autoimmune conditions require an extended period of time for a response to develop; as I recall, one member said his Hashimoto's (not vaccine related) took a year or more to resolve. 

Again, I'm just proposing this as a possibility. The vax injured will have to solve their own problems and look for renegade doctors who understand, and can explain to laymen, what the problem is and how their proposed solution helps. Trust has to be earned. Understanding how studies are done (RCTs vs. observational), knowing something about how humans evolved and lived during hunter-gatherer days, and knowing how certain bodily systems work helped me discern solutions from pixie dust.


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