Too Much Adrenaline!

Cul-de-sac Commandos Mark and Patty McCloskey of St. Louis. 
This has not been a good time to deal with adrenal problems: riots, shootings, and coronavirus concerns in some states. At least I'm in Indianapolis where coronavirus is tanking and protests have been peaceful since rioters were tear-gassed and pepper sprayed. The poor McCloskeys are in St. Louis, which is a violent city even on a good day. One would think they'd have had a plan for a riot--at least, I hope their plan wasn't going outside and shouting at a mob. We should all have a plan these days.

Since getting well, I've had to figure out a new dose for my adrenal medicine. Since too much or too little iron, adrenal medicine and thyroid medicine can produce similar symptoms, it's been hard. I'm going to start low and go slow, just like with thyroid dosage.

I felt well enough today to get some exercise. It's been so long--years!--since having a regular workout that my muscles are weak. But at least I felt up to it--and I even felt like washing windows!

I also felt inspired to do some shopping. I'm not sure if I could defend my home in one of my girly t-shirts, even if Mark McCloskey can do it in pink. (By the way, you can steal his look here.) I have some black shirts, but I don't want to be mistaken for Antifa. I settled on some green camouflage t-shirts. One, I'm a veteran, and two, it could provide some concealment if needed. I'll break them out if things take a turn for the worse. If things got really bad here, I could stay with my cousin in Ohio (and she and her husband could come here in things got bad in their area).

As happens sometimes, I've been eating too many carbs from the stress. Tomorrow, though, I hope to do better.


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