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GoFundMe Springing Arrestees; Rooftop Koreans Make a Comeback

While looters, rioters, arsonists, and murderers are devastating cities, GoFundMe's "justice and equity fund" is bailing them out. These aren't individual accounts--this is their corporate fund. For offshore readers,

Bail is a process by which you pay a set amount of money to obtain your release from police custody. As part of your release, you promise to appear in court for all of your scheduled criminal proceedings. If you show up to court as promised, the bail amount will be returned. If not, you will be subject to arrest and you will forfeit the bail amount.

Judges consider various factors in setting the bail amount. But a woke charity bailing you out isn't one of them. I live in Indianapolis where bail is so low as to be meaningless. It's all the police can do to re-catch criminals and put them back in jail. One of those criminals got out on $25 bail after carjacking my neighbor--and came back and did it again. A neighbor posted his jail paperwork online, I found out where he lived, and someone else called the landlord, who threw him out since he wasn't on the lease. Who says Nextdoor is just for Karens?

And yet some woke idiots started a bail charity here. We're not alone in Indianapolis. Two bail fund charities in Chicago have bailed out scores of felony defendants. Some were soon charged with new crimes, including attempted murder.

Maybe you heard "peaceful protestors" were arrested. Our "peaceful protestors" in Indy were told again and again to leave before curfew. Curfews are in effect (where the government has any sense) because controlling crowds is easier in the daylight. Any "peaceful protestors" skulking around after curfew--after being told to leave, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed and told to leave again--are either completely mental or looking to make trouble under cover of darkness. Neither belongs on the street.

I'm not sure what they're showing on mainstream media about the riots. But this thread, where GoFundMe is getting ratioed and wrecked for bailing out domestic terrorists, shows the fires, looting, murders, and devastation they've wrought. Be warned, the thread contains disturbing pictures of people being assaulted and murdered. But this lady, whose business was trashed, sums it up. I hope she's made whole.

Fortunately, our Second Amendment gives American the right to bear arms. Note there was no standing army when the Second Amendment was written--people going on about "a well regulated militia" know the words, but not the meaning. Compare these pictures with the ones in the Twitter thread: all is calm.

"Rooftop Koreans," an artifact of the
Los Angeles Riots of 1992, are back
and they're taking no crap.

"Storefront Sikhs."

"Just Americans" in Minnesota.


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