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Improvements on Milder Adrenal Medication

Changing my adrenal medication has done me some good. I'm now taking one that's just adrenal cortex. That's what the last one was supposed to be, but I'm sure it had adrenaline in it. I've been a lot less jittery and the heart pounding has all but stopped. It was so distracting when I was trying to sleep! I can't quit wholesale--I start catching cold every time I try. Even in the few days after I quit the one and waited for the other to arrive, I got cold and tired.

So Saturday I had groceries delivered because I didn't feel like leaving the house. I filled up my online cart with about 20 items, then tried to change my address from work to home. I couldn't. The site said my home and work were in different regions. So I emptied the cart, changed the address, and started again. I got a pop-up message saying I'd changed my address--did I want to change it? I clicked yes, I wanted to change it. When I was ready to check out, there was my work address. Dammit! That wasn't what I meant! I emptied the cart again and by the time I finished shopping, the delivery window I wanted was closed and I had to choose a later one. I eyed the street, hungry, while I waited on the groceries.

As long and bumpy as this road to recovery has been, I've made definite progress. I don't have the aches and pains I had a year ago. I'm off the thyroid medications and so far, I don't think I have any hypothyroid symptoms. I'm off the stronger adrenal medication. Mentally, I'm happier and feel more purpose. A year ago, I felt very apathetic. And I'm wearing clothes from my thin closet. I can do keto without getting scary heart palpitations, which was a problem for me some five years ago.

I now know I've had symptoms of low adrenal function all my life: hypoglycemia, allergies, sinus infections that went on and on, then frequent neck pain, then poor digestion, then lack of energy, and finally, low thyroid. So I don't think I'll ever be able to go off adrenal medication, nor would I want to. If I hadn't done something about my health problems starting a year ago, I'd have ended up on disability. Things were going that far downhill. I'm not quite back to where I was about five years ago, but other things like palpitations, neck pain (which started in my 20s) and struggling to stay under 130 pounds are improved or gone. 


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