Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Troll-Inspired Water Buffalo Gift: Promoting Peace and Prosperity

There are some wacky people commenting on LC sites. Over at Perlmutter's blog (Dr. Perlmutter wrote Grain Brain), someone going by a name that sounded like a plant-based doctor was trolling, poaching and writing in ghetto English. Doctor, my eye. On another site, someone else pointed out that there was, indeed, a reference to calories that wasn't in the index of a certain biochemistry book. Thank god we were alerted. And a groupie warned me not to look to Jimmy Moore for information (after I'd mentioned that he started losing weight again by limiting protein). This was right before Rick G. had a terrific success using that strategy.

To all you wacky ones, I dedicate my $25 gift of a share of a water buffalo through Heifer International. (I'm donating $1 to the organization for every troll comment I read.) These animals not only make life easier for subsistence farmers in Asia, but they're promoting peace between warring tribes:

In 2008, the International Association for Transformation (IAT), in partnership with Heifer Philippines, implemented the Enhancement Project Gift for Peace in New Balbalan and Burayocan, Tabuk. The projects’ unique legacy was the Passing on the Gift™ done between warring tribes. This helped to foster brotherhood in the community and establish lasting peace through Heifer’s Cornerstone for Just and Sustainable Development.

Heifer International is also helping restore water buffalo to Romania. During Communism, water buffalo were replaced with dairy cattle. But water buffalo, according to the article, are hardier than other species and their rich milk makes good cheese, especially mozzarella and feta. Maybe someday, our wacky friends will enjoy a chunk.


Lori Miller said...

Tess said, "I applaud you! having become disgusted with so many standard 'charities' I think this may be one of the best ways to help the less-fortunate!"

Lori Miller said...

It's hard to help people in a way that makes them self-sufficient. Heifer International, Bonfils Blood Center and the Institute for Justice are three charities that do so.

Lowcarb team member said...

I love cheese especially mozzarella with tomatoes and feta with olives.

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

Now that sounds like a Mediterranean snack, even if Romania is on the Black Sea.