Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keep Calm!

Are people panicking on stationary bikes? You'd think so from the signs in window of a local gym: "Keep Calm and Cycle On." Is the human equivalent of an exercise wheel so stimulating that people need a reminder to keep their wits about them? Maybe it's reverse psychology: up until now, it's been all about pumping us up with motivation a la Richard Simmons to keep up a routine that's as exciting as proofreading retirement plan financial statements.

What some people really need is encouragement to continue avoiding carbs in the face of low-fat fuddy-duddies or the Atkins flu. I'm not a fan of motivational fluff, but someone in delicate health could really be frightened by low-carb scare studies and misguided advice to avoid fat. A pithy phrase might help more than a lecture on glycation, endocrinology or lipoproteins. Suggestions:

Keep calm and keto on
Keep calm and Kerrygold on
Keep calm and tallow on
Keep calm and Grok on


tess said...

yeah, this "keep calm" retro thing is getting tiresome fast. :-P when the blitzkrieg was hammering London it made sense, but now...?

the cereal companies are getting desperate, and their obedient little servants in the "liberal media" (snicker) patter along behind like good sheep bleating the low-fat message.... on the one hand i think, "just clearing the gene-pool of the scum of stoopidity" but i also feel bad for people who WANT to eat healthily and don't know how to find the way!

Lori Miller said...

I did see a hysteracally funny fake motivational poster on remaining calm, but as it wasn't quite G rated and people who haven't watched the TV show Death Note might not get it, I didn't post it. However, interested parties should now have enough information to Google it.

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, if we must use the "keep calm" message, I'm all for your suggestion and I'd repeat "keep calm and Kerrygold on" but any butter will be fine and NOT soft spread chemical margarine....

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

Yes. People who are peddling bad food or bad advice should get worried and peddle something else.