Thursday, March 14, 2013

The End is Near: Getting Rid of my Braces

What do you get when you put a dentist, an oral surgeon and an orthodontist together? I'm hoping I'll get a final resolution to my dental injuries.

Regular readers may recall my bike accident from last summer, when I fell on the pavement and broke my eye tooth, knocked two other teeth out of place and fractured my arm. I got braces a few days later to straighten out my displaced teeth and make room for a dental implant. The first part of my dental implant is in place and healed, and a temporary tooth is attached to my braces; in a few weeks I'll get the second part of the implant in, and a few weeks after that, my dentist will take a mold of my teeth to make a crown.

What this also means is that I'll soon be getting rid of my braces. They can't take a mold of my teeth with braces on them, so my dentist plans to attach a temporary tooth to the adjoining teeth right after my next surgery. We can't just leave a gap in there. First, I don't want to go around missing a tooth. Second, the surrounding teeth might drift out of place--and there's barely enough room for a crown as it is. If all goes according to plan, my orthodontist will take all this metal out of my mouth in a few weeks.

I was so happy at the thought of getting rid of my braces that I had a celebratory hamburger (without the bun). I may have another one for breakfast.


tess said...

hurrah!!! times like this, i remember the old commercial, "how do you spell relief" -- in this case, n-o-b-r-a-c-e-s. :-)

Lori Miller said...

I guess I shouldn't complain too much about having braces. It's better than having a couple of teeth yanked out or going through life unable to chew. But I'm still in deliriously happy mode at the thought of getting them out.

Maria said...

HI i raad about your tuf toe and i got that about a week ago how long did the DR tod you to keep your toe rap so it wont move i know u said it take a month for it to get better

Lori Miller said...

The turf toe was four years ago, and it was before I started blogging. I don't remember what the doctor told me, but I probably wrapped my foot up for a month.