Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lazy Brown Dog? Not Paleo Dog!

"If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise."

Baloney! It's just one more piece of cute conventional wisdom that doesn't bear out in real life. My dog gets more exercise than I do, and I'm the thin one. She, if anything, eats the healthier diet: home cooked, all paleo, very low carb, no junk or grains. I control her portions, but Molly's an easy gainer.

I don't force her to exercise: after I come home from work and pet her, the first thing she does is jump on the treadmill. Sundays, she bugs me until we go for a walk, a swim, or a trip to the dog park.

Trucking along on the treadmill last week.
Drying her face on the carpet today after a long walk in Confluence Park and (for the first time) swimming across the South Platte River and back.
 A +1 to any reader under age 40 who knows where the phrase "lazy brown dog" comes from. Hint: ask Mom, Grandma or anyone else who didn't grow up with a computer.


tess said...

awww, she washes her face on the rug just like Spense does.... ;-)

the way i learned it, the FOX was the brown one!

Lori Miller said...

She takes a bath in the snow, too. She must be a fan of Jack Kruse.

JanKnitz said...

Aww, I know where the lazy brown dog comes from, but I'm well over 40!

Suzie_B said...

If your dog has been spayed then the easy weight gain may be hormones.

Lori Miller said...

Aha! Molly came from the pound, so she's been spayed. But she's also a lot firmer than most dogs I get to pet.