Saturday, August 4, 2012

Low Carb Liquid/Soft Food Diet of Real Food

Never again do I want to hear how hard it is to do an elimination diet. If you think you have a natural right to happy and content and eat whatever you want without consequence, of course it will be hard. If you see life as a series of challenges to be met, and see that every food has consequences, it will be easier. And in fact, I find eliminating certain foods easier than eating them in moderation.

My recent bike accident has left me unable to chew and with limited use of my right arm. (I'm right handed.) I can't eat wheat or carrageenan, can't tolerate more than a little dairy, and can't tolerate a high-carb diet. That leaves me with a low-carb, high fat (LCHF) diet of soft foods. So far, it's been a minor challenge. No, that's not an understatement, and no, I haven't had any protein shakes. I'm snooty as a Frenchman about food.

To live on a soft LCHF diet of real food, you'll need a food processor with a motor powerful enough to puree meat. At the moment, the Cuisinart 8-cup food processor (what I use) is $99 at Macy's. Pricy, but you should get many years' use out of it. (It also makes nut butter; slices, shreds, juliennes and chops vegetables; shreds hard cheese; and makes pesto--in seconds.)

Even with one hand, there was nothing hard about making pate or chocolate ice cream. If you're worried about getting enough nutrients, liver is Mother Nature's multivitamin. This pate doesn't have a strong liver taste. Need I say the chocolate ice cream is wonderful?

Making Liver Pate

My food processor's maiden dish was pate. In went a whole slice of cooked beef liver. It turned into puree in a few seconds. In went five slices of done but lightly cooked bacon (one at a time), then half a cup of mushrooms cooked in the bacon grease, a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise, a little salt and herbes de Provence, and I had pate. Some people like to add sauteed onions to their pate.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Yes, chocolate ice cream can be LC, real food. Shake up a can of coconut milk (the full-fat kind) and pour about 1/4 cup of it in a medium mixing bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of baking cocoa and stir until it's smooth. Add the rest of the coconut milk and stir in a teaspoon of cinnamon, a few shakes of salt, (ETA: a beaten egg), and a big squirt of liquid stevia half a cup of Splenda. Put it in an ice cream maker for 20 minutes.


tess said...

your recipe sounds good -- i'll try it! about how big was the piece of liver?

Lori Miller said...

Around 1/4 pound.

Exceptionally Brash said...

I used to work at a nursing home, and we would blend blend blend everything. Meat works really well if you can add some cooking broth. It is pretty tasty.

Lori Miller said...

I'm about to make beef in red wine sauce. I've had a rough week, but there's still some red wine left. I'll use your suggestion about the cooking broth--thanks.