Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eades Podcast; No More Blood Donations

Amy Alkon Interviews Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades

Advice Goddess Amy Alkon writes,

Low-carb pioneers Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Mary Dan Eades are my guests this week. They are two of the all-too-few out there who are behind evidence-based ways to eat -- dietary science as opposed to the "science" on which so many base their diets....
These two have changed the lives and improved the health of more of my readers -- in absolutely incredible ways. People who read their books, like "Protein Power," typically end up losing weight...and with the pounds are stones falling off a truck.
On the show, we'll talk about how to maintain a way of eating, and debunk a lot of widely held myths about diet -- myths many doctors still cling to. 
Listen to the interview here on or after Sunday, January 15, 8 PM.

I Can't Give 110%

Bonfils Blood Center, where I donate blood, started using slightly larger collection bags and increased the minimum weight requirement for donors. I'm barely over the new threshold, the blood donations are literally taking too much out of me. The last two times I've donated, I've ended up tired and sick. The illnesses could be a coincidence, but I know the tiredness isn't. Perhaps someone out there has reclaimed their health and is well enough to take the baton. 


Chuck said...

i have been meaning to donate. i will take over for you but have no idea what my blood type is nor yours. i do plan on eating a lot, having a lot of water, and taking it easy for a bit after i do it.

Lori Miller said...

That's wonderful, Chuck! I'm O+, so anyone with a positive blood type could receive my blood.

Those are all good ideas for recovery. Good luck, and thanks.