Monday, May 9, 2011

An Empty Vessel Makes the Most Noise

Tonight at my party place I was standing at the dessert bar when an old guy came up and started loudly asking for service. He spoke to me and I told him I indulged in a gluten-free cookie once in a while (it would have been the first time since I started the cavity healing diet). I didn't mention the cavity healing diet because I just wanted to get a snack and go back to the dance. Nevertheless, Mr. vegan preacher made his spiel. Stuff this dude said:

"I came all the way up from Cherry Creek [one of Denver's high rent districts] to get a half price dessert." (He said this twice.)
"We've been eating wheat for tens of thousands of years without a problem."
"Japanese eat plenty of soy and they don't have a problem."
"Fruit isn't acid."
"What's acid reflux?"
"What do you eat for protein?" (Answer: meat. Unspoken answer: we've been eating meat for millions of years.)
"I wish I could help you."
"I teach people about health and nutrition and have a website..."

I was out at 10:30 on a Sunday night dancing; he came out for a sugar fix. And had an astounding level of ignorance and bad manners. The advice should have been going the other direction, but (1) I wouldn't have known where to begin to set him straight and (2) it would have been like telling him his religion was wrong.

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