Sunday, April 17, 2011

Potassium Power and the Dry Skin Epidemic

Just over a month ago, I (along with my dog) set out on a cavity healing diet: low in carb, grain-free, high in vitamins A and D, and high in calcium and phosphorus. I've made some changes along the way and listed what Molly and I are now eating at the end of this post.

Potassium Power

The potassium pills seem to have put the pep back in my step. This weekend, I worked both days helping the tax secretary, whipped my house back into shape, and I'm ready to go out and tear up the dance floor tonight.

The Dry Skin Epidemic

Since starting this diet, after I stopped eating raw eggs (since I seemed to be allergic to them), my skin has looked better than it ever has. My skin improved last year after I started a low-carb, high-fat diet (more resilient, less callousing, and lot less dry), but now I'm cautiously optimistic that my niggling adult acne is completely gone. A diet's effect on skin was brought home to me while I read an article in People magazine (no jokes, please) that featured several celebrities talking about their skin. Nearly all the women complained of dry skin. One woman, age 37, said she used a bottle of moisturizer every night. I never went to that length, but before I went low carb, those skin care products were my crack cocaine. Ulta has aisles of skin care products, and the past ten years or so have seen entire chains like Bath & Body Works and Aveda mushroom. Now, at age 42 and living in a semi-arid climate, I use a little moisturizer now and then--that's all I need. The women didn't say what they ate, but I blame the dry skin epidemic on our national fear of dietary fat.

What Molly and I are Eating Now on the Cavity Healing Diet

1/2 lb calf liver/week for each of us
18 eggs/week (between the two of us)
2 cans sardines/week for each of us
red meat (mostly pork) as desired
1 can salmon/week for each of us
butter, cream, and cheese as condiments
salad for me; carrots or cabbage for Molly
bone marrow from a few bones every week
I also have a few chocolate candies a day, some low-carb ice cream, tea, and usually two cups of coffee a day. Molly eats a few egg shells now and then.
I'm now taking 2 GNC hair, skin and nails vitamins, 750 mg magnesium oxide/gluconate, 100 mg zinc gluconate, 18 mg iron, 3,000 IU of D3, and ~200-300 mg potassium gluconate every day.
Molly takes 250 mg of magnesium and 99 mg of potassium per day.

Your needs, especially with regard to supplements, may vary. Some of these doses could be toxic to some people; medical tests can help you figure out the supplements you need.


Chuck said...

i am very intrigued by this experiment. i recently stopped using tooth paste due to the nasty stuff in it and abrasiveness. i am fortunate enough at 37 not to have any cavities. i use dental tooth picks throughout the day. i rinse with hydrogen peroxide twice a day and also mouthwash twice per day. amazing thing is i don't miss the toothpaste after using it for 35 years.

i wonder if you have read any of ramiel nagel's work?

Lori Miller said...

I started using Xyliwhite toothpaste, which is very mild compared to Colgate. I can't stand the taste of hydrogen peroxide.

I have the book Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel, and wrote a little bit about it here:

Jimmy Moore also did a podcast with him.

Anonymous said...

Potassium tablets do have the potential to cause gastric irritation and possibly ulcers. Another way to get potassium is low-sodium V8 juice A 2 oz serving has 200 mg potassium and two grams net carbs.

Lori Miller said...

According to, a 2-oz serving has 117mg of potassium and 2 net grams of carb. I couldn't find a nutrition label on the V8 site.

So far I haven't had any trouble taking potassium tablets, even on an empty stomach.