Friday, April 1, 2011

Dying to Eat Junk Food

This just in from Fox 31 News of

ALBANY, GA -- Parents are growing more concerned with foods that contain artificial food coloring--and their affect [sic] on children.

Parents believe dyes like red dye #5 or blue dye #3 could make their kids more hyperactive.

Most foods we eat every day--including cereal and granola bars--contain food dyes.

Yes--foods like cereal (which is basically cake without the eggs), granola bars (read: candy bars with oatmeal), and if the photo in the article is accurate, Pop Tarts (cake without the eggs or the taste), licorice, and other foods I can't identify. And it couldn't be the sugar that's making the kids hyperactive, could it?

These foods are sugary, grainy, manufactured, low-nutrient junk--and parents (and the CSPI) are worried about the dye? What next--parents insisting their kids' pot be organic?

Granted, some people are allergic to dyes. My uncle Loren was allergic to a yellow dye and had to get his insurance company to cover a more expensive brand of a medicine he needed, since the generic version had the dye. Where was the CSPI during that crisis?

A suggestion if you don't want to consume dyes: eat real food. Shop the meat, dairy and produce sections (carefully) and leave the manufactured food alone.

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