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Call it fake friendliness, or sucking up, or just call it blog spam. "Patty Strains" from Smile by Design, aka Oakville Dental Arts, aka Limelight Dental, at, run by Dr. Arun Nurang & Associates, left a comment:

I'm glad to hear that your braces have come off at last! I'm sure it's a huge relief to you. How are you holding up with the retainer so far?

Patty Strains
Smile By Design

Not sure if Patty Strains is a real name; it conjures an image of an uncomfortable trip to the bathroom.


Sigh. What is it with dentists and blog spam? Does spending all day bent over a chair looking in people's mouths skew one's perspective? Or do they think bloggers don't know blog spam when they see it? Why would a dental group call itself "Orange Door Dental"? Any answers, Dr. Christiaan Willig or Dr. Sheryleen Sampayn of Elkhart, Indiana and Warsaw, Indiana, you blog spammers? Or Ken Robinson, the blog spammer who shared the comment,

It’s nice to hear that your braces came off. As someone who had them before, they’re no walk in the park and they make eating difficult. However, they do the job and I’m glad I had them to fix my teeth. Regards, Ken @ 


Macendonia Dental at has left two blog spam comments under different names: Dental Bridge Cost UK and Beejal Duncan. The site advertises cheap, cheap, cheap service and best, best best products. How often do those two things go together? 

The practice includes D-r M. Frangov, D-r S. Ilfijadova, D-r G. Apostolski, D-r D. Jovanova, D-r I. Ivanov, D-r M. Angelkova, and D-r L. Ginev. They advise you, while visiting Macedonia, to 

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Why didn't it occur to me to run out and go hiking on Colorado's beautiful mountain slopes right after I had oral surgery? Or chew on some vines? Boring old me, I chewed on some ibuprofin and soft food.


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"thanks for share...."

Zhengxin She at www dot cool007 dot com, or Female International Detective's Company:  what a fun site compared to all the dentists who post their blogspam.

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