Friday, July 26, 2019

Sleep Paralysis and L. Reuteri Yogurt

A few months ago, I joined Dr. Davis's Inner Circle to resolve some health problems. He recommends making "yogurt" with L. reuteri bacteria for its unique health benefits. Users reported vivid dreams after eating the yogurt.

Having suffered from sleep paralysis long ago, I worried that it would return if I ate this yogurt. Sleep paralysis feels like a weight on you while you're somewhere between being asleep and being awake. You're paralyzed while it happens, and since humans tend to assume that things have agency when in doubt, it seems like it's a creature that's sitting on top of you. It's terrifying. It happened to me during the Satanic Panic, which added to my own panic. Decades later, I slept like the dead on a low-carb diet. No dreams, no sleep paralysis, just a very deep, black sleep. Wonderful.

I took L. reuteri tablets as supplements for a few months. I dreamed, but nothing remarkable happened. I whipped up a batch of yogurt and ate some. The first few nights--nothing. But last night, I had extremely detailed dreams. I was making school art projects. Most involved colored drawings. One involved a dead owl that turned out to be alive. In another, my small dog made the house absolutely filthy and then he refused to chase a squirrel out of the house. I wondered how one little dog could make such a big mess. But there was no sleep paralysis or nightmares. Nor did I feel disoriented when I woke up, wondering where I was and how got there--there being home.

Did the yogurt prevent me from having sleep paralysis? No, I haven't had it in long time. I just know it didn't cause me to have a relapse. I don't know what effect it would have on someone regularly suffering from sleep paralysis.

Back when I suffered from it myself, I enjoyed this song.


Larcana said...

I used to suffer from parasomnias as well...usually when I was sleep deprived already. I also, benefited from a VLC diet and have great sleep now.

Lori Miller said...

Great! Sorry it took so long to respond. I couldn't get to this site at work, then my power was out at home.

Val said...

I commented on your other blog - but my first batch of L reuteri yogurt is a bust; it didn’t set up properly although it tastes “alright”... Guess I’ll be drinking it!
One of the few kitchen gadgets we do NOT own is a yogurt maker, maybe I’ll splurge on one if I clear out some cabinet space.

Lori Miller said...

Good to hear from you, Val.

Here's the link to the yogurt maker I bought--I'm happy with it.