23andMe Signs Agreement with Big Pharma, Offers Health App

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world's largest drug makers, recently bought a $300 million stake in 23 and Me, a genetic testing company. The two also signed an agreement giving GlaxoSmithKline exclusive rights to customer data. The data is de-identified, aggregate customer information.

23andMe recently rolled out Lark, an health app specially geared to your genetics. I was curious what kind of diet advice Lark gave, since 23andMe advised me a year or so ago to limit saturated fat. Here's a screen grab from their video suggesting the new app is programmed with diet advice from the 90s:

"Lark Chat: Personal Weight Loss Coach & 24-Hour Nutritionist" by ourLark on Youtube.  Uploaded April 27, 2015.
Think about it, though--why SHOULD a company with a relationship to big pharma tell you to put down the bread when doing so may reduce your need for beta blockers (which lower blood pressure), nasal steroids and bronchial drugs, all of which GlaxoSmithKline makes?

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I wrote a few days ago that I felt better than I have in a long time. When I moved to Indianapolis a few years ago, I had a hard time shoveling the sidewalk--I live on a corner lot, so there was a lot more to shovel than there was at my old place that was on lot thirty-eight feet wide. Today, though, I shoveled a path through seven inches of snow not only along both sidewalks, but the path to the sidewalk, the path to the garage, the whole driveway, the south perimeter of the house, and the back porch. It felt great! My improved fitness isn't from exercise--I rarely do anything physical this time of year except go for a walk at lunch. Before I shoveled the snow this morning, I drank a glass of water with electrolyte powder; maybe that helped. In any case, it's good to feel 45 again.

Biggs, newly arrived about a year ago.


Nice article as well as whole site.Thanks for sharing.
clipping path
That sounds a lot of snow! Well done for making a pathway through.
Sweet picture of Biggs.

All the best Jan
Lori Miller said…
Thanks, Jan. I'd rather have snow than freezing rain.

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