Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some Great Products I've Found

I've found some great products over the past couple of weeks I'd like to share. I'm not affiliated with the companies that make or sell these products.

Organicville Sesame Teriyaki Sauce

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With four grams of carb in a tablespoon, this sauce is a lot lower-carb than most others. It's not too sweet, either. It has a bit of soybean oil, so it's not paleo-kosher, but it's just a condiment, eaten by the spoonful. I stir-fried some onion, broccoli, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes, added some pulled pork and sauce, and had a dinner worthy of my favorite Chinese restaurant in 15 minutes. Purchased at Sprouts.

Nutiva Shortening

It's shortening without transfats or frankenoils! This shortening is made with palm fruit oil, unrefined red palm oil and unrefined coconut oil. Palm oil is a source of CoQ10, carotenes and vitamin E. According to some other sites I've read, palm oil shortening is made by removing some of the polyunsaturated fats, making the oil solid at room temperature. The product is soft, tasteless, and easy to work with; I made a terrific batch of low-carb cookies with it. Purchased at Sprouts.

Hada Labo Replenishing Hydrator: Super moisturizer/healer

For the most part, I haven't had dry skin since starting a low-carb, high fat diet. But through some neglect of my health last year, my lips got very chapped (a lifelong problem before low-carb) and weren't improving much, even with Carmex. I got a new moisturizer the other day (Hada Labo replenishing hydrator) and tried a tiny amount on my lips--and the stuff was magic! The active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, something your body makes, but diminishes with age. Super hyaluronic acid (its proprietary ingredient) attracts and binds water and is capable of holding 1,000 times its own weight in water. It's not just a cosmetic, it has healing properties. I use it in combination with a regular lip balm. And as the web site says, it plumps your skin--my lips are as puffed up now as a pouty model's. Note that the product isn't indicated as a lip balm, but doesn't say to avoid ingestion.  (ETA: it does, in fact, say "for external use only.") Use it this way at your own discretion. Purchased at Ulta.


Larcana said...

I like Organicville products, too. I'll have to try the shortening.

tess said...

yes! definitely sounds like i should try them!

Lori Miller said...

I think you'll both be pleased.

Lowcarb team member said...

Always nice to share thoughts about products ....... shame I'm in the UK but we do have great products here too!

BTW how did you find the first weeks of your course?

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

It's been a challenging course so far. We've been learning about how genes are mapped and how they can work together or separately to bring about traits (or phenotypes). The first few lectures, though, were about the evidence for evolution, along with a mathematical proof for evolution.

Val said...

Thanks for the tips - I'm definitely gonna try that moisturizer! My lips have always been thin & pale...
Still working thru pantry-reorganization - I've got a wide assortment of "fancy" condiments, some primal & some not!

Lori Miller said...

It's awesome for fine lines, too. For me, it's like ten years younger in a jar. YMMV.